On our recent romantic, mini staycation, I took my Canon Rebel DSLR to the hotel with me...


get your heads outta da gutter!

I'm not that kind of photographer!
And I'm a lady, thank you very much.

I'd have a professional shoot something like that.
no one wants to see that.

The point was to also take the list of  TTLT prompts with me, and see if I could find some city sights that would fit the challenges. 

Giving that the weekend was being slammed by a big, blinding white blizzard; I thought there would be very little chance of finding and "RED."

I was reduced to trying to photograph things inside our hotel room.   So I decided to go for an abstract feel first.    I won't say what it is, I just loved the tones of red and gold and how they blurred together. 

And now I want to makeover my living room with these colours.

When the skies cleared, we opened up our drapes and lo and behold I was surprised to see that I could see quite a bit into the distance of downtown Ottawa.   Including Parliament Hill.  (for all you non-Canadians, this is the building where our Government operates, so think like the White House.  Except our Prime Minister doesn't live there.)    It is a truly gorgeous location.

Here's a photo via WikiCommons:

"Parliament Hill, as viewed from Gatineau at sunset" by Brad Brandt - https://www.flickr.com/photos/131424434@N04/16378925487/in/photostream/. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Obviously, this picture does not represent our current weather conditions.   Also, it's a different angle -- our hotel room would be in one of those tall buildings on the right.  

But, I don't know how good your eyes are; but I spy red.
And I got a pretty good zoom lens.

(once again for those non red and white wearers: words from our National Anthem.)

Speaking of the skies,  I used my UV filter the other night when I was sunset stalking and got an interesting capture:

technically, it's not a great shot:  the focus was way outta whack.
But I LOVE how the filter created these gorgeous red tones.

That's what I love about having this photography challenge.   It keeps offering me fresh ideas of things to shoot, and to look at the world in a different way.    To keep trying and seeking new adventures to capture.   Even if they are not perfect.

But I do have to keep in mind to continue focusing my lens.    That's just good life advice right there.

What have you been capturing lately?

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