Prompt:  In My Cup

Normally it is coffee in my cup.
And that definitely would help me get back into the swing of this blog writing thing.

Have you ever been away from something - not a really long time, not long enough to forget how to do it.   But you know, just enough that... like.... spelling is a problem?

I'd like to personally send each one of you a fruit basket for either not noticing, or not mentioning the numerous grammatical and spelling errors recently.     
No - don't go looking for them now!

The one thing I didn't stop doing during my "break", was my workouts.  I might have missed a day or two, but for the most part - I kept going.   Just did it. 
And let me tell you:  it does a loooooonnngggg way towards keeping stress at bay!

So while it made it hard to juggle time schedules at some times, it was definitely worth it in the end.   Also, working out makes me hot and thirsty.. because you know, I have fat.   So it also keeps me drinking water; and hydration is a very good thing to maintain in busy, stressful times too.

But not just any ole water.   I have seen the, nut.
I'm sorry.. that didn't sound right at all.

After my workout I like to have a glass of coconut water.    Sometimes it's just plain coconut.   Others it is mango or pineapple flavoured too.   I don't know why, but it makes me feel full and like I am actually doing yoga on the beach.

Some of you may be aware that coconut Everything is the new wonder food.   It is low in fat, and also aids in digestion, and since I love all things coconut:  Sold!! 

It also is great for photo prompts.
Odd they didn't put that on the label. 

 and one cool edit where I inverted the colours, just for fun.

If you are wondering - yes those are coconut chunks in the water.   
I told you - I love coconut!!    But I don't always drink this particular brand.  


If you don't like the idea of things swirling in your cup, there are many other options.

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