This Wednesday started off as a bit of a Woesday, thanks to the the 45 minute late arrival of the bus.

Thus bus arrived just as I had started to warm up the van, go inside to change into non pj mom style clothing, and just about to get kids into the car.
Because of course.

Still made me late for my morning meeting though.

Hopefully everyone in my area, and any others still getting snow dumped on them, is driving safe today!
Let's shake this day off and go walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Whaddaya say Ace?

Go outside!!??  Now? Now! Yes!
Cat says  no... I stay here and cat. 

I LOVE outside!!!
WWEEEEE.... I love outside too!
um....not so much.  Don't look at me!
Yeah, and this would the point I reached about 106 pictures and could not feel my fingers any longer.
Back to the cozy cottage we go.

Just as sundown started to pale the sky....

.... and then set it on fire.

Stay cozy and warm, and  keep seeking the soft glow of togetherness my friends.

ImagesByCW Photography

Curious as a Cathy

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