I have a little shadow. 
He's everywhere I go.
And what it is, he wants from me.
I don't rightly know.

Yeah yeah, granted - he's very cute.
but he really can be a jerk too. 

He's really not helpful at all.

And what is so fascinating about me brushing me teeth?
Every. Single. Time.

and it's really freaky;  me watching TV, him watching me.


Want to do laundry?

 Missing a sock?

 And just when you swear you can't live with this tripping me on the stairs, batting at my shoe laces, swatting at my feet under the covers in the middle of the night, and meowing wake up calls at O God O'Clock....

you finish making that bed and return several minutes later only to find:

That's how they get you!!

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Curious as a Cathy

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