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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

I think; therefore I have a headache.   Suffer from over-thinking?  Guilty of the thinking much?  Or, just...meh. 

Time out for Mom

What you think about literally makes up your existence; your reality - your LIFE.

Since my brain is always a very noisy place, I assume that must mean I have a very full, busy Life.
Or, is that just my brain making noise? 
A lot of the time it is likely on auto pilot:  eat, drink, breathe, sleep, repeat.  I would be willing to bet quite a bit is concerned with very important things like parenting, household, bills, bills, bills --  and trying to remember all the tiny details of this Life.

But honestly, I suspect there is a very large portion that thinks, ponders and wades dangerously into Over Analyze regarding such things as; will Captain America pick up Thor's hammer in the next Avengers movie
Why are they killing off all the good people in The Walking Dead -- are they ridding the show of it's conscience?  
And why why in the name of all things pure and holy are there 8 hot dogs in a package - if you buy a package of only 6 buns?!!!  The hell is that sorcery?

Then there are certain things that can make my brain come to a sudden stop:   the sounds of a child's scream, followed by a loud crash, followed by "It was an accident mommy!!""

Or, the theme song of my favourite show or movie suddenly staring to play.  I must go: the song of my people has commenced.

And who do I blame for this collision of glorious beards and Super Heroes?

Chris Evans "Captain America" and Henry Cavill "Superman"

Seriously, who allowed that?    Shame on you BBC and BAFTAS planners! 
I am trying to calm my brain over here!!  Work with me. 

Are you kidding me?   Not. Helping. 

You see, thoughts, also trigger Emotions. And I think maybe that's when all the trouble can begin.  It's like inviting tequila to the party at the end of the night.  Maybe it will be a pinata good time.  Maybe there is a cold tile bathroom floor and a litany of promises that you won't keep in your near future.  
You. Just. Don't. Know.

When emotions enter the picture, you can end up on a loop-de-loop that never ends, and only leads to stress.  Instead of thinking your way clear and straight; you're now overwhelmed and going no where.   We all know how difficult is to get out of that rut once you are stuck.

You know when I think CLEAR?
When I think with PURPOSE.

So, for me, that is normally when I am in the creative process of a poem, blogging, or editing a photograph.  All that noise starts to dim, or at the very least; I can apply a filter for a span of time that allows me to focus and create. 

The ability to think is what should allow us to flourish as a species; not come to a standstill.   Thus, it literally is a survival trait.  However, this world fires so much information towards at us at such a high rate of speed; thinking overmuch might actually be hurting us!

Maybe ignorance was in fact Bliss?

Our brains are amazing machines.  This has never been a clearer truth for me, than watching my Mother In Law suffer the effects of her stroke.  All the little things she used to know -  things we take for granted; she must now relearn.  Even simple conversation.  Driving.  What once was all neatly  organized and filed away in her brain; is now like someone walked into that neatly arranged office and tossed all the files wildly about the room.  She must now seek, find, and restore.

It's good to think.  The brain is a muscle that needs exercise just like any other.  It's good to ponder deep issues, and explore new things; learn, discover and create every single day.  All those are positive things.  It's when we carry into Over Thinking, and get caught in negative thought patterns that it can became dangerous for our health and sense of well-being.  Suddenly, you cannot simply be In The Moment.   You struggle with being in the present; without worrying of all that came before and all that is yet to come.  There is no peace in your present.  Or, your presence.

For myself, to quiet that noise in my brain...aside from just often telling it "sssshhhhh;"  I tend to get physical.  When I am moving, my brain thinks and acts differently.  So exercise those other muscles!   But the most important thing I do is Practice Mindfulness.   For me, I meditate, and while doing so, let those thoughts come.  I acknowledge them.  Then, I let them go.   Releasing them and making space for more positive energy flow.

Now that may sound a little too "enter the Buddha" for some of you.  As many of you know, I also pray and turn a lot over to God too.  But whatever your method is, it is simply tuning into This Moment Right Now - Without Judgement.   Without manipulation.  No controlling.  Just surrender to the moment.

Just. Gotta. Breathe

Be mindful of your thoughts; they do have power!
You have all the tools to create the life you want.  Will it be a life of obsession, negativity, an emotional roller coaster?   Or one of mindfulness, and positive energy that promotes peace and well being?

Choose wisely!
You got a great, big wonderful brain, and you can absolutely use it to have an equally big and wonderful Life. 

NEXT WEEK:  Dance like no one is watching.    Who are you when no one is watching?

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