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Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Random.  Got a rant to get off your chest?  
A recent victory to share?  
Some cute kids to boast about?  Your choice today.

I don't  have a rant today.   I mean, I could have a rant, but since you all were so lovely and gave great advice regarding my troll attack last week:  I've decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Isn't he beautiful!!
This is my friend's dog Ace and he is the biggest suck in the world.    He totally thinks he is a lap dog.   I'll have more pictures of him soon I am sure.

As you know, I've been chasing silver linings, and visiting Ace's house last Friday was one of them.  A lovely day spent with good friends .... and in the latest dump of snow.    Probably not your idea of a silver lining; but This.Is.Canada.  

We don't hibernate; we seek Adventure!

Our local beach -  Don't worry - the river is frozen and perfectly safe to walk on.

And wander with wonder in Nature!

okay, some of us choose hibernation.
Or, at least a nice sunny spot to nap in.

That's one of Ace's fur kitty sisters. 
And silly kitty... look at what you missed while napping!

The closing of a winters day, as the sun draws down it's golden fingered rays of warmth across a frozen lake is a truly amazing sight to behold.

There will be rants and illnesses and money will always be easy come and go: but this LIFE:  it's a grand adventure.    

And I don't wanna be caught napping, and miss a thing.

Especially fangirl opportunities like this one during the Super Bowl:

 Yes that is Chris Evans - my favourite Super Hero Captain America, with Chris Pratt who plays Star Lord from another Marvel film,  Guardians of the Galaxy, watching the game together.    You see they had a bet (dubbed the TwitterBowl); that whoever's team lost (ahem Seahawks!) they had to visit a children's hospital dressed as their Marvel character. 
Well, we know that Evans team, The Patriots (yes!) won the Super Bowl, which means Pratt has to visit Christopher's Haven in Boston dressed as Star Lord.  However, since they are actually awesome and real life super heroes:  both are going to both hospitals anyway (Seattle Children's' is Pratt's charity of choice).   

And that's how you bet on football if you are a celebrity.
Heck - that's how you be a celebrity period.

The real winners, are those kids.  
And boy are they about to have a grand adventure. 

NEXT WEEK:  I think; therefore I have a headache.   Suffer from over-thinking?  Guilty of the thinking much?  Or, just.. .meh. 

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