Remember that commitment I stated at the beginning of the year to have more of ME in this place?

More writing.
More photography.
The not so new, but hopefully improved, Me. 

Such a great promise to myself, right?
The problem is finding not only the time to make that happen; but the right kind of projects that inspire me to discover and create.

Thank goodness for all you inspiring and artistic bloggers!!

In this particular case, and most specifically, Claudia over at ImagesbyCW, who has started a new weekly link up that is sure to help you discover the Artist Within.

If you are not familiar with her photography - shame on you!   Go there now.
I mean, after you are done here to course.
But definitely go.
You might just be inspired to create something!  

I'm always impressed with Claudia's photography when just a basic shot (although, granted - there's nothing "basic" about her shots), but with the latest edits she has been showing us:  Colour Me Amazed.

I don't even feel like I have basic Photography 101 remotely mastered yet; let alone diving into the world of editing and Photoshop.
But, you never learn and discover by staying home and comfortable.

As some of you are aware, I had my first troll encounter over on my Tumblr account.   I engaged and fed the gnarly beast; my bad.    However, after an initial response, I let the matter drop.
Because....eeewwww: trolls.

Instead, I let the encounter inspire and move me in a more positive way.     I wouldn't really consider this an Ode To Trolls, but nonetheless;  it pretty much represents my feelings on how we treat each other in this world --- versus how we SHOULD be treating one another in this world.

 Distant Drumming A-Coming

why do you speak louder; as if volume will change my mind?
might a softer tone speak wisdom into my heart?
a global softening that might end the weeping
when we no longer fill up with pain
deluded that suffering is only a third world away
the answer; it no longer blows in the wind
only the sound of loud, angry voices are carried o’er
and past our ever slackening sails
as we furiously paddle towards Just One More Thing
something more shiny; and less promising
the Horse and the Rider are here:
and they have brought Death
I can’t hear the people sing o’er
the distant drumming of so many hooves. 

Course, most of you know I have no problem with wrangle words.    Thus, to show that I will venture into unknown territory of Photo Ninja Skills, I also happened to have a couple of photos that I thought would merge together nicely to visually represent the poem.

All I did was superimpose (or multiple exposure) two photographs together.    I first edited them both into black and white images, as I wanted to add my own colour later.  

Then I added a Graduated Tint Filter to put the red-pink tones back into the tree line at the top of the photo.    I also edited the Shadow filter so that the horses hooves would be darker, and thus remain the focal impact. 

Pretty standard editing I suppose.   I think I got a bit lucky that it turned out as well as it did.

Happy accidents - as opposed to Internet trolls; always welcome.

You just never know where you will find inspiration once you make the effort to go searching.

ImagesByCW Photography

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