Hi, my name is Rory and I have a blog.

Honest, I do.

Yeah, Yeah - granted:  it's been a bit bare of late.
And I am slow to travel to others these days too.  

Hopefully life will slow down soon and I will be back to a normal blogging and visiting routine.   I miss my daily creative outlet, and I miss following along with all of you on your journey.  

That doesn't mean that I have NOT been writing though.    It just is hard finding the time to actually put it on my blog.   Thankfully, Bloggers are both Caring AND Sharing sorts, and I am so happy and honoured today to have one of my poems, "Heat Stroke,"  featured over at Belle of The Carnival blog

Darcie has a feature called Poetry Friday, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading other submissions.   So many talented writers out there!!     If you enjoy poetry, definitely take some time to read the other poems that have been featured. 

And of course, if you frequent here; you know it's not enough for me to just simply wrangle words: but to make them dance in a swirling rhythm and rhyme as well. 

And you also know -- they get a little hot too sometimes. 

I would be thrilled if you joined me at Belle of The Carnival today for Poetry Friday, (clicky) and shared your thoughts on my little poem -- and show my lovely host some comment love too! 

Have a good weekend everyone!

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