Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!
Grab your honey-boo and just let the love flow!!

I feel you are not the least bit surprised by that Valentine, but I am sorry I cannot take the credit.
It is not my art on this artful, lovey Saturday -- I just saw it floating around Tumblr  (as most things tend to do on Tumblr) and couldn't resist. 

Especially since my real life super hero is working on this love fest day, and thus I get no Fondue.

 Nope, I have to hang out and get cozy with my imaginary don't tell me Steve Rogers isn't real! boyfriend today.

 Anyway, the point of today was to show off our creative, artsy side.    The inclusion of "gifs" was not just for some gratuitous shots of Captain America.  I promise.  sorta.
As I mentioned Tumblr, if you have ever spent any time over there, you would know that the "gif" - or animated picture - is one of the most popular art forms used on that social media platform.

No sooner does a celebrity interview, photo shoot, TV or movie hit the airspace, those Tumblr gif makers have created their masterpieces and uploaded them for our viewing pleasure.    They are always "on your mark!"  

I have been experimenting for awhile with making gifs -- the hardest part I find is the waiting for your video snippet to upload!   I may not have the patience required for this Art. 

Here is one I did from the behind the scenes documentary of Captain America:  The Winter Soldier

As nice as that is, it doesn't really fit today's LOVE theme.
Unless you are a Captain America fan. 

Even for me, I think a more passionate, red hot image is required.    Luckily I had a picture of a summer bonfire just sitting in my images folder.    All I had to do was fan the flames!

 As nice as that is, you know me - I gotta let the words out too.   And since my hubby is at work, but I know he is a subscriber to my blog (because his email appears on my list -- not because of all the love notes he leaves me here.  ahem.);     it's about to get even hotter in here folks.

Love Shrine

dangling threads of desire
weaved by delicate wings
beating in time
with this love drenched heart
and eyes that cast themselves
to die upon the canvas
of your long lithe form
and taste the sin that lies within
your warm kisses
and the dance of tongues
licking the flames of this poisonous lust
that would have me explore every inch
and bathe in your musky scent
consumed and craving
arching and aching
dripping with need like an eternal bleed
that comes upon your shore in
rhythms as old as time
and lasting a mere moments worth
still, I would spend eternity
just to pour the embers of my heart
upon the love shrine of your name.

Happy Valentine's Day to my real life super hero; the one who always shields me with the cover of his love.  xx 

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