Okay, so I realize I did say that I was going to slow down on the memes/blog hops in yesterday's Coffee Chat

However, in addition to having more of ME and my original writings in this space; the second part of my To Do This Year, is to improve my photography. Thus, Wordless Wednesday will always be a chance to show off my latest photos, and remains.

You might say, it stays in the picture.

One thing that satisfies both criteria, I realized I have no really shown readers many pictures of our newest family member:  our cat Cashew.

I never really considered myself a cat person, but he is changing that.

One crazy little personality trait at a time.

(some pics are iPhone, others are with my Canon Rebel: click any to enlarge)

How much is that kitty in the window?

And he had better stop playing with my blinds!

and stealing socks!
and unrolling the toilet paper rolls
although, it is kinda cute when he falls asleep with his "toys"

but not in my laundry when I need to do it please!
he just really likes to lay in clothes
and my bed

What do cats do, really?

ImagesByCW Photography

Curious as a Cathy

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