I was noticing the frozen berries mixed in with the coloured Christmas tree lights in the cherry tree, while we awaited the bus on Monday morning.    

The bright lights, and the red berries against the dark bare wood that was decorated with an icing of frosty snow.    What a great shot that would be!

(click any picture to enlarge)

Hmmm, I wanted to adjust my focal lens just a tad.

Oh!  Well hello there Mr Partridge in my cherry tree!
Definitely need a close up of your handsome and elegant face!

Just look at that plumage!
Look at him!  

I really wanted to get close ups of those beautiful feathers.

Oh!  don't too close to those I suppose.  yikes.
I feel so grateful and blessed to have captured this guy!
As the bus drove right past the tree he was in, I am so lucky it did not scare him away.    And that despite the cold, I felt prompted to get my camera to take some shots.

Just look at him -- so well puffed up to scare me off!   LOL

Well Mr Birdie, I am too well chuffed at catching you in my lens to be scared away.

A good lesson in photography... and LIFE:  Always focus your lens.

Curious as a Cathy

ImagesByCW Photography

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