So, I encountered my first Internet troll recently.

Not on this blog; but on my Tumblr blog.     Which granted, yeah - kinda to be expected in that dark hole of the Internet.

Still, I was utterly taken aback by the venom spat at me by this person.   The dripping hatred cast upon me; a complete stranger to them.    They actually referred to me as "creature."

Because we all know that best way to make your point to another person; is to dehumanize them.
*audible eyeroll*

And yes, I made the mistake of responding to them.  
I'm sorry.... it was just, processing all their stupid took me some time, and I responded to their calling me "spineless, selfish and a dumbass," before it fully registered that I was feeding their disgusting appetite.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

Thanks Cap - you always show the way.
 Then again, why should these people be allowed to bully - because let's call it what it is - others on the Internet?
Especially when there is actually an important issue to be discussed?  

Oh, I will be saying more on this later.
but for now, to erase all the stupid and ugly:  here's a happy thought.

Do you see it?

My daughter left me a snow angel to cheer me up.

Make sure you leave a beautiful mark on this world.

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