I want to say a quick thank you to all my readers who have expressed their prayers and well wishes for my mother in law at this time.    It is so very much appreciated.   

At this point, it does look like she will make a full recovery; however, it could be a recovery period of about six months.   So Left Brain and his siblings have a lot of decisions to make regarding the now of her treatment, and such things as making sure her bills get paid, to possibly putting her house up for sale as it is unlikely that she will be able to live alone again.   Which means someone has to establish power of attorney since she is incapable of decisions regarding her personal affairs at this time.

So much to think about and do!   So much is unclear when you do not know the sick person's thoughts or intentions.   A nurse gave us a very good tip, which I thought I would take the time to pass along:  make sure you have a Will -- and in particular  A LIVING WILL, that clearly outlines your wishes regarding... well Everything!   In particular a DNR clause and who you would grant Power Of Attorney.    Then put it and any other important documents, such as computer passwords, accounts, etc., in a Ziploc bag in your freezer  (so that in case of fire, the documents have a better chance of not being burned).

Such a thing really makes it easy for your loved ones to ensure your wishes are followed exactly as you would want.

Now, for Wordless Wednesday, a lesson in what NOT to do.
As in, do NOT try to take pictures outside during a freezing cold winter when you also have a cold with watery, itchy eyes.

Blurred lines is all I see.

horrible.  s'sly.  I swear it seemed all in focus
slight improvement?  still..... bah!
I'm not even going to bother with the ones where the lens fogged up.
Perhaps I can turn those ones into a cool and funky edit at a later date.

I might have salvaged two from the frosty, cold (another bad thing for photo taking - shivering bare hands) day.

Still blurred lines a-plenty, but there was something about the tones and snow on wood that I rather like.

I didn't really feel like shooting pictures this day, with having a cold still and being tired from all that is going on:  and it shows in the quality of shots.

But I am still glad that I DID, because I definitely learned a good lesson, and a little fresh air never hurt anyone anyway.   

Sharp focused, or blurred lines: beauty can still always be found if you are looking hard enough.

Curious as a Cathy

ImagesByCW Photography

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