Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

This weekend I had a most rare form of Coffee Chat.
Via snail mail. 
Do you have a pen pal?   I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have the lost art of letter writing back in my life.   It's much more exciting to get a letter in my mailbox, than just an email.   I love the feel of paper in my hand.   To see some one's words inked upon the page.

It's a beautiful thing, and I highly recommend you find at least one person to carry on this tradition.

You will notice that a tea cup is still in use, as my cold was still lingering a bit during the weekend.    A good long nap filled Monday has proven a most beneficial cure.

However, you may have also noticed I have been MIA since my last Thursday post.   We had a family emergency - my MIL suffered a stroke while visiting my brother in law and his family.   I put any blogging on hold until we knew what our course of action was going to be.   Even though it was just Left Brain who eventually drove with his sister the 4 hours to see their mom in the hospital ICU, I, and the kids, still needed to be ready to travel at a moments notice.

It turns out that she can be expected to make a full recovery; but it will take time.  She will need speech therapy, and most likely cannot ever live alone again.  Which leads to some serious discussions now amongst hubby, myself and his siblings.   So if I am MIA over the next couple of weeks, or simply infrequent here or at your bloggy home, just bear with me while we navigate this difficult time.   If you are the praying sort, or mediating healing energy: feel free to send it our way and it is much appreciated.

This recent event has actually had me thinking a lot about today's chat topic.   

Time out for Mom

If you could learn any one skill in the world without trying 
(like Matrix learning style), which would you pick?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have super powers to instantly heal our loved ones they are ill?   Or, that you could instantly have the medical knowledge to help someone in a crisis?

I used to think it would be awesome to be able to fight like Neo could - the reference if you have never seen the Matrix is that the Lessons are downloaded from a computer right into your brain!

Of course, since this is my fangirl blog some days, the visuals:

Don't get me wrong, I still think that would be wicked cool.    Perhaps not entirely useful in my present reality though.   Unless one Keanu Reeves will come spar with me.

Who knows, perhaps I may even save the world one day with my new specific skill set.   But, unlikely.

What talent I really, really wish I had instantly, was musical.     You know how I love music -- well, the odd part is, I don't actually play any instruments.  Currently.
I did take piano and guitar when I was younger, and I think I can still pick out a few songs on the piano.  I can still read music fairly well.    Sadly though, I let those learned skills slip away.

I was a much more natural athlete than a  musician.    Or maybe I just made a choice at some point when I was younger and I just don't remember.

But still, in my heart and dreams, I wish I could just sit down in front of the ivory keys and do this:
(just stick with it, it starts slow.....and becomes amazing)

The Great Canadian Master who I was blessed and privileged to hear play Live.

Perhaps it is not as honourable or significant as the medical profession, but since my MIL plays the piano and loves to sit and listen to that music, today; I think it is entirely appropriate.

What special talent or skill would you instantly download?

Next Week: Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?

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