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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Last thing you took a picture of?  
Why did you want to capture this image?  (Show your work.)

I must be psychic and planned an easy chat for today, knowing that my brain might not be functioning at 100 %. 
That's cute.   It rarely functions at 100%.

Now, I am asking to post your most recent picture... but not so fast on the post and dash dear readers.    This isn't Wordless Wednesday; it's Coffee Or Tea When Your Throat Cries Out For Relief Chat.   So I wanna know a little something about that picture.

Why was it so important to capture?     Or, was it?   Perhaps a silly moment caught for fun.

Or maybe you had to take a picture of the Free Game Token that you scratched too hard and now the Redeem Code cannot be read, and the guy on the phone who you are trying to convince that you are telling the truth says: show your work.
Because that technically is the most recent picture on my computer.
Except, I didn't take that one.    Two guesses; the RIGHT one is not correct.   *eye roll*

Now, if you are like me and have a cell phone that you take pictures with, AND a big girl DSLR, or some other actual camera; you might have two recent pictures.    Which I do.

The iPhone one, well.... it's a bit embarrassing, although not likely surprising to any frequent reader.
See, I have a Tumblr friend who had to work during the People's Choice Awards and she is a big Marvel Comic/Movie fan like myself, thus -- if one of our nominated heroes won: she would miss the moment.

Super Les to the Rescue!!   I present the People's Favourite Male Action Star Chris Evans!!!
(aka Captain America when he is in uniform and beardless.)

So um, yeah - I took a picture of my TV screen to text her.    I'm THAT good a friend.   Honestly, the things I do for people.

Anyway, this moment is important because Captain America is my favourite comic hero, and having an actor who can portray him well on screen is Very Important to me.   I know, Mr Evans is ever so dreamy to look upon, but seriously: if he had messed up Steve Rogers, no amount of beard or sexy eyes would make me like him.  Ever.

I am happy for the ACTOR too, because Steve Rogers/Captain America is a good man.   Just about the best kind of man actually.   Honour, integrity, courage in spades.... and that was before he became the Super Soldier.    A gentleman who can also kick your ass.    And if you were watching the show, aside from giving a very humble and grateful acceptance speech; you know Chris Evans the Actor, also did this:
the second recent image on my iPhone
 What a moment.   What a gentleman.   The Internet went wild.   The world swooned.  Because he escorted an elderly lady up some stairs?   Not even half.   He gave this TV legend and incredible woman the respect that is due her.   He leaned down to her level, he held her hand gently, and moved at her pace.   THAT is a well raised young man folks.   I give MRS MAMA EVANS the credit.

So no, I don't just like superheroes because the actors who portray them are handsome or sexy.   Saying that to me will get you some serious side eye and probably a throat punch.   I mean, Mr Evans is about 10 years my junior:  I'm no cougar for goodness sakes.   Also, I didn't know about THAT when I started reading comics at a young age.   Sex appeal didn't even register.   But Captain America doing The Right Thing?   That stuck.

It's about seeing those "old time" values return to our society again.   It's about seeing a good man doing good things because it is RIGHT -- not because it is popular; or good Publicity.    It's about a woman for once being recognized and honoured for her talent and contribution; rather than her "assets."     (Although I am very sure the feisty minx that Betty White is, enjoyed every single moment on that strong arm. ha!)

I just like seeing the right people win, and for the nice guy to not come in last; ya feel me?

Now, for the last image on my DSLR - Canon Rebel.
Well, I think he's pretty darn handsome too.

What is so important about capturing this moment?
Guys!   I got a partridge in my tree!!!
And it's not even Christmas anymore!

Come back on Wordless Wednesday and you can see more of this fella.

What did you capture recently?

Next Week:  If you could learn any one skill in the world without trying (like Matrix learning style), which would you pick?

Edit:   Also, shout out to Stacey over at Stacy UnCorked  If you've got more random thoughts on a Tuesday - go unleash them on her blog. 

Stacy Uncorked

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