‘All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.’ 
~Blaise Pascal

I suppose the one upside about being afraid of being alone:  is that you are not alone!

It's surprising to me the number of people who are afraid of being alone.   I think it's a natural fear that exists within all of us.   However, like anything else, one can feed it too much so that it grows too big too handle.    A true fear of the anxiety disorder would be monophobia.

I don't specifically mean being without family, friends or a life partner; for the purposes of this post.   I mean people who do have some or all of that; but still are afraid to be alone.    Have never eaten a meal alone in a restaurant.   Gone to a movie or concert or game.   A museum or gallery.   All of these activities would require accompaniment. 

I wonder if this is the root of our need to spend endless hours on social media.   Just to have any kind of connection with another human.

Or why some will stay in a bad relationship, or with someone they do not even love, because being "right" isn't as important as not being alone.

 Do we fill ourselves up with all kinds of junk - literally and figuratively - simply to replace the lack of love we find missing in our lonely lives?

Why is it with so much that can bring us together; do we feel so far apart?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   
Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?

Recently while with my family at a hotel in effort to be closer to my MIL, who in turn was headed back to a hospital closer to our home *eyeroll*; a writing inspiration came upon me at the rather inconvenient time of soaking in a hot tub with my son chattering on about Minecraft in my ear.

I swear I was listening to him.
For the first 15 minutes.
And who made the whirlpool age 10 years anyway? Like help a parent out will ya!?

Thus all I wanted to do, was get the children back to Left Brain, and then go down to the bar lounge area so that I could write out my idea while sitting drinking a Stella draft by the fireplace.   Clearly alone time does not frighten this gal.

You might want to take a peek at that blog title up there for clarification.

Although, even before I became a mom buried in children, I still enjoyed my alone time.  Craved it actually.   Not because I don't like people, or being around them.  I love them.  To a point, and then it switches and I find some of them - not all, but most - generally exhausting.

But until that point, you should know, I am a genuine fricking delight!   :)

And this is one of those situations where it isn't you: it's ME.   Completely me.   Simply because I am of the introverted persuasion, which means that I need to go recharge my batteries after a certain amount of social interaction.   It's not a reflection of you at all.

No one should be insulted by a person's need to be alone.   As one also need not associate being alone with being a dark, depressing thing.   It's actually quite empowering.   Liking yourself enough to enjoy your own company!   It can provide opportunity for inspiration, meditation, creativity and growth.  

I have gone to restaurants, movies, hockey games and our local cafe alone.   When I get the chance to sit quietly with myself, I can turn inward: and that's how I get to know myself. 

Why is that important, i.e. not scary?

Simple:  you cannot learn to love and accept yourself: if you do not know who you are.
As you learn more about yourself, you will see the true beauty shining through, and that is definitely something to celebrate!

So I would encourage you all - take the time!   Learn the joy of knowing and spending time with wonderful YOU!

Next Week:  Random.  Got a rant to get off your chest?  A recent victory to share?  Some cute kids to boast about?  Your choice today.

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