My name is Leslie and welcome to my no lousy, terrible, no good, horrible, rotten day.

I am Eeyore and the clouds have gathered and all that was once illuminated, has grown dim. 

 Why yes, I did take drama in school, how did you know?

So, here's a question.   Do you know how many times a 7 seven year old girl who weighs about as much as several feathers - barely a pillow - can vomit over several hours?

The answer is 5. 
Now you know. 

She also may have trouble holding the .... uuummm... other end together as well.
But, that will wait until you've just remade the bed with fresh sheets.   
Your last set.   Because of course.

I could have wrote this post at 3 am, because, I was up.   Also, Laundry!  
Except, it's my weekly Photography Challenge post, and I wanted to get outside and actually take some photos because it's a lovely, balmy minus 13 Celsius today.   I bet my fingers won't even go numb.

But no, I am home with sick child and cannot go outside and play photo ninja.  
And why does it run and yell if it is "sick?" 

I'm also supposed to be getting groceries today, and had planned my shopping trip to be done before Left Brain left for work.   But No!   He got called in early.  Because Of Course.    
So I had to take sick girl, who still manages to talk a lot and run away with my shopping cart so I have to holler her back, with me to the grocery store.    
In case you were wondering, fruit chews and Dunkaroo's are known flu remedies.   
If you're "medical expert" happens to be younger than Doogie Howser.

Oh!   I am weary and looking for more interesting things to write about.    Something other than this Life which has become a battle on all sides it seems.
I'm looking for a sign y'all!!    A sign that things are going to Calm The F*ck Down soon.

Since I could not get outside to take some shots, I give you the only photo resembling a "Sign" in my photo folders.

This is the entrance to our local conservation area Gilles Grove.   I rather do Love how the sign name has been made right into the fence gate.    The backdrop of the lush woods is actually a warm thought on a chilled day.    It would be lovely to wander those winding paths today.

I recall the day this shot was taken.   Remember how the sun shone warm, filtered rays through leaves stirred by a gentle summer wind.  Adding their swishing lilt to that of birdsong and the giggles of children who ran too far ahead and needed calling back.
Because that is life as a parent:  them running ahead and you calling them back.   Until the day they have gone so far ahead, far past watchful eyes and listening ears, straight into a life of their own.   And more so:  that this is right.    Though we remain watchful like silent trees in the sun, trusting in the roots we've set down deep. 

And that is life.  It runs away some times.  And we try to call it back.    Try to put it in neat little boxes or rows to aid our own path, or understanding.    A Grove is simply a group of trees that grows close together.   There is no rhyme or pattern; they simple are.    
What I really love, is that one origin of the word "grove" is from the Norwegian greivla "to intertwine."
The paths at our Grove are cultivated and cared for, but they intertwine through the woods.  No neatly ordered rows - though I doubt given it's relatively small size one could get lost.  

And Life, it intertwines.   The light and dark.  The good and bad.   The quiet and the noise.  When I stop hollering at it when it doesn't go my way; stop trying to call it back to be something else; and pause a moment in the sun's warming rays...

..... there is the sign:

There it was - just sitting on a window sill in the dark, waiting for the light to call it forth.

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