Continuing with my commitment to improve my photography skills by participating in Alison and Greta's weekly photo challenge.

No, not about the challenge; it's more the prompt for this week.   Or rather, my inability to truly capture it I suppose.  


Oh how I would love to have some fun with this prompt.... except, I have this cold.   Which means I cannot really taste anything right now.   Everything tastes off. 

 I even made some popcorn the other night and poured myself a rare Coke, just so that I could TASTE something.   

 I didn't even bother putting my watermark on these ones because I am not entirely happy.
Now that I look closely, I think my blurry, itchy eyes caused my focus to definitely be off.

I should have a made a clearly more healthy option!

You know what they say!   An apple a day.   

But you know what finally made me feel better?
Just one of these little pieces of pepperminty delicious.

Seriously,  just one of these candy cane filled mints cleared my sinuses right up!
Seems a spoonful of sugar can be good medicine every now and then.

And white chocolate and candy cane?
Pretty darn delicious.
Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and Greta of GFunkified,  are doing this year (again!).
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Next week’s prompt is SIGN.

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