I do believe I am a little late to the wishes of Happy New Year.
That's how you know it was a good party.

 In actual fact, my New Year's Eve was fairly tame; as far as wild parties go.    Although I did actually leave the house for the first time in years.    Left Brain also happened to have the night off, so we joined several families from our church for an early evening ice skate.  

Here you go Janice:  ice skating pics just for your girls.

Now, a few things you need to know.

1.   ZooZoo (pink coat) is not blurred because she basically just takes tiny steps across the ice surface, thus, I can stand still and snap a pic.

2.   Angel Girl (blue coat) is blurry because with the metal supports she can actually go quite fast.... AND.... I am skating backwards,  WHILE taking the picture with my iPhone.

I am the danger on ice.

Since Angel Girl was trying to catch Super Blades Mama, the inevitable happened and she wiped out eventually.     Since I was carrying an expensive piece of electronic; I skated away from my lovely daughter so she wouldn't also drag me down with her.
She mends -- broken iPhones do not. 
She's fine, honestly.   Look - I am good parent who put helmet on her head.

Really though, it's so she doesn't get snow in her hair when I do this to her prone body:

Anyway, after a few moments warming up, AngelGirl has to pass the metal supports over to her younger sister, so that she can learn to skate without them.   And to stop ZooZoo's whining about how tired she is - after 5 minutes.    The main reason though, if you look at the pictures above, is to correct that foot lean over they both try to skate with.

 No. No.   Feet straight kiddos.  And glide.
You should only be your skate edge if you are going into a turn/spin. 

And yes, I can skate like that ^^^^

After skating, we were off to some one's house for games, Wii dance off, munchies and ringing in the New Year!!

It was so much fun!
And the kids actually made it to midnight.  (I had brought their pj's to the house --  I honestly thought they would not last past 10 pm after skating for over an hour.)

Which is why, even though I did not have one drop of Adult Juice:  I needed to recuperate.

My kids did not go to bed until 1 am.

And they were awake at their normal 7:30 am time.

I opened my eyes to find ZooZoo eye level at my bedside begging for breakfast, and I swear I turned to Left Brain and said, "hey look.... I found Hell."

Being a smart man, Left Brain came to the rescue via a big pancake, eggs, and bacon breakfast; while I caught a few more zzzzzzs.

Because I also happened to wake up with a nasty cold.
Seems 2015 somehow heard about my nice, relaxing, no worry, no stress holidays, where everyone else was sick and thought:  "well shit, who does she think she is?  here.... try to breathe out of only your mouth all day, while coughing.  maybe next time you won't be such a cocky braggart."

Fine 2015: bring it.
I got 4 movies for Christmas,  a new Xbox with several games, and Netflix.    
You can try to bring me down, and spit germs in my face..... but imma gonna keep on gliding.

Right on over to this comfy couch.
Hope your New Years is off to a happy, healthy and easy like non-hungover but still so tired and feeling blah mornings-after holiday Friday mornings kinda start.
I'll be back to regular blogging next week! 

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