Taking a deep breath.
Here we go....  keeping it real.

So remember when I had a leaky hidden hot water tap in my basement bathroom/laundry room? 

 Oh sure, in that photo it looks all pretty and cool.

And I was all, oh crap -- that's gonna cost.
Also, WTF with the hiding shit in the walls stuff?
And I saw the weekend away that Left Brain and I had planned slowly slip away....

And then our plumber was all, I can do this, and then why don't we redesign like this to make if more functional, and it will only cost this if you can drywall yourself.

And his pants were firmly around his hips, so there is that too.

So, I was all YEAH - new bathroom/laundry room that is maybe functional AND pretty: and still money for romantic getaway Plan B.

Then as we were driving, our van said:  "um, *cough, cough, sputter.. help... I'm dying....it's so damn cold.  please put me back in semi warm garage. *cough, cough*

And Plan B slowly slipped out of sight.

Best Laid Plans Interruptus.

But then Left Brain was all, "oh actually, it might not be that bad.  I think it's just this, but I'll take it to our mechanic.  At the most probably $300."

And it was Hooray!   We'll just wait another month for getaway -- which will make it around Valentines.

Then my phone chimed in on the conversation with this little text gem.

"Van cost $1000.00.  oopps."

 Um... that's not an oops.  That's a huge F*ck up.  That's triple what you thought it would cost.   That's a big wallop to the budget.
And I don't even want to go on a romantic getaway with you now.

In fact, why don't you go sleep in the leaky, cold because there are no walls bathroom/laundry room.
The cat seems to like to sleep on the laundry - I'm sure you will be quite cozy together.

Also, I should mention right here:  sulking is probably not my most attractive feature.
See, told ya it was gonna get real here.

This is life on one income with a strict budget.   It takes months to save for the little extras.  So making a mistake on the estimate of what something will cost?   Huge error.   Men, expect a little anger and frustration from your wife, who is honestly trying to help manage the household, if this is your area of responsibility.

Plus, maybe she was really, really REALLY looking forward to the getaway.  With YOU.  Alone.  No kids.

So this is the REAL part.
Done sulking little girl?  Ready to act like a woman?   Awesome.
Put on your big girl panties, put some lipstick on, pour a glass of wine.... go fetch your man from the dirty laundry floor - and jump him.

Because this is LIFE.
This, is for better or worse.
And you can't always help the worse... but you damn straight can help the better.
Casting blame, flinging angry words, and punishing one another for things you can't control, or honest mistakes: not going keep the flames fanned.

 Am I right?
Course, I'm right.  You should always just assume that.  (that was kinda for Left Brain.)

I'm not saying you cannot be angry.  Frustrated.  Or disappointed.
You. Are. Human.
I'm just saying, it's always better to strive together, in a manner of love and kindness, to get through the rough patches. 
It's important to remember what you are working towards.  Keep the goal in sight.    That your a team.
And maybe say those 3 little words that need saying:

I am sorry.

Then.. jump him again.

I wrote a little semi- naughty poem to help get you in the mood.
Because it's way better than sulking.

my heart is bloodless and empty
without your sweet song to comfort
the wild beast beating within
my flesh cold and dripping tears
without your burning fire inside me
your delicate touch soothes and awakens
like the virgin rays of morning light
its a carnal magic that holds me here
waiting to feed upon your velvet whispers
my mouth wet with eager reply
and body bathed in sweet scented longing
for that sacred union
your shadow casts upon me
passion driven to its peak
and caught in flickering candlelit
a fire born and burnt out
and we engulfed within its flames
consume this holy communion
while both angel and devil
shield their envious eyes.

 If that doesn't result in laying down some solid plans; I don't know what will.

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