Whew is it Friday already for real?
Oh yeah, I forgot -- that doesn't really mean anything around here these days.

I have said before there needs to be some kind of Friday night ritual for the Stay At Home Mom because - Guess What happens on Friday?

I'm still in the home and still the mom!
Yeah me.
No kids - the movie/pizza thing is for YOU.

We are living in a state of worry.... and the unknown, regarding Left Brains' mom and her recent stroke.  Medical waters are tough to navigate!!  Not to mention sorting out all her bills, banking and taking care of her house while she is still in hospital.   It's a lot to handle, and my eyes are ever watchful on him to make sure he is holding up.

Life feels so busy .... yet going really nowhere lately.
Kind of like my camera in the closet, and my writing journal on my bedside.
I need to let some creative juices out and soon!

But, that hasn't stopped me from kicking up my workouts because even though it seems my clothes are looser, when I catch a glimpse in the mirror I see the same damn flab, drab house wife who is just a bit sweatier and breathing harder; but for all the wrong reasons.
*heavy sigh*

Friday is a PA Day planned and filled to the gills of fun, fun, fun for the kids; so if you are wondering when I am finally going to get around to visiting you all ..... sorry, not today!     If I can locate a bottomless coffee carafe and my will, I will get to you all soon!

Everything has felt so disconnected lately.     And I just can't pretend that I know how to pull it back together.   Yet I know; there's always a way.

I haven't visited Hilary for several weeks now.
I think a trip to the beach might just be what I need to get me back to Fine.

Each week, Hilary lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.  If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her.

his week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVER – she came up with the last two statements

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.  Did you get all  the snow today?   

The blizzard started right as we were driving back from the hospital visit with my MIL, and in the midst of rush hour.    Because of course.   We are only expected to get between 8 - 12 centimeters.
Meh.   That's nothing in Canada.   We'll probably be sledding later.

Stay safe and drive to arrive everyone!  

2.  Sometimes you really need to stop and say F*ck it.   I mean; but you know:  eloquently.

Like if you have a sequined gown and an ice castle: just let all the f*cks go!

3.  If I were able to gather some gal pals and get out of the house tonight, I would be in for a long night and a worse tomorrow I fear.

Yeah, yeah I know.   Not very mature or wise.    But honestly, responsibility sucks some days.

Sometimes your silver lining might just make things a bit blurry, cause you to sing out loud in front of strangers, and make you smell like tequila.

Heard that from a friend. 

4.  (A) Different way of "getting closer" makes all the difference.

If you've been reading closely, you might get the sense I am feeling a bit stressed.   Also, that I am a wee bit sick with worry about whether Left Brain is stressed.

Which doesn't make for romantic times my friends.
Unless, you know how to cuddle.    And thankfully, gratefully:  we do.

This was the scene the other night.   Children asleep.   A darkened room.   Snow falling outside the window.  Moon glow on my window pane.    And us; side by side curled into one another.   Not like THAT.  Like this above.   His heart against my chest, his lips on my brow and mine on his neck.  

And... Just.Gotta. Breathe.
Until we two are synced.

I swear it on my life y'all.
If you are worried, stressed, over-whelmed and looking to put all the disconnected pieces back together:  cuddle in.    Cover one another.   Breathe each other in deep.
And let all f*cks go.

It will feel just like falling in love again.
And that moment just before you both sigh: between awake and sleep - that threshold to soft places where you fall with wide flung arms into dreams. 

.... that's where you'll find your Peace.

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