We got our annual family Christmas Tree!!

Cedar Hill Tree Farm

It was just a beautiful day too.
Not too cold, but still chill enough to sit by the fire. And enough snow that the kids could sled while we grown-ups warmed our toes.

I thought this sign at the gate was amusing:

 Also,  bunnies!
Now how is that not a perfect day?

Bunnies from top right:  Twinkle (brown spotted), Blackberry, Elsa (black spotted) and Cinnamon

I took so many photos (all iPhone - I forgot my big girl camera on the dash out the door) that I made some photo collages as well .... because who has got time to just keep scrolling and scrolling during the holidays, right?

(click any image to enlarge)

Horse drawn carriage ride over this is the best way to travel!

that's our tree in the middle!

and back again

mama's spot all hot and ready!

And.... the from field to Festive!!

And look who's in our tree!!

Also, I am sure this is no surprise.
Of course I have a Guardian of the Tree!

good job Cap!

Do you have a real tree?
Did you chop it down yourself?

Curious as a Cathy

ImagesByCW Photography

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