For those of you who replied with such wonderful, sincere encouraging comments on my Chat Post: Thank You!
You choose kindness, and it overflowed upon my heart!
I believe in being real - authentic; and I had a feeling I was not alone if my feelings.    I suspect many other mommies and wives have the same pity party every now and then.

Thank you for not judging!   Thank you for being patient to hear my whole story. 

But those feelings: A passing shadow. 

If anyone is concerned about my finding my way back to fine; never worry -- I always choose gratitude and that always leaves a happy heart.

So here are a few of my favourite things that are currently sowing gratitude and happiness into my heart.
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song birds:  do you know Jingle Bells?

flying away home
A chance of snow

a babbling brook not yet frozen
words to live by

To each and every one of you; thank you for bringing happiness, and being a friend. 

Curious as a Cathy

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Curious as a Cathy

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