Good Morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!!

 Good old fashioned strong, hot coffee in my cup this morning. But a splash of Bailey's Irish Creme would have also worked for me.    That's more a Christmas morning tradition though.

Along with early rising, stuffed stockings, the Christmas Story and a big country breakfast.
But, this week, we are taking about the night before Christmas....

I loved this story as a child, and I love it now.    I bought one of those recordable books so that my kids could sit and hear my voice reading The Night Before Christmas.   They've played it so much, I am sick of the sound of my own voice.
But not tired of how much they love to hear mommy's voice read.
(to be clear, I do actually read the story Live to them too.)

I also loved this cartoon about mice saving Christmas when I was younger.   I rarely see it anymore, but it was such a great story and the songs were really good.
When a town learns that Santa Claus has struck it off his delivery schedule due to an insulting letter, a way must be found to change his mind.
 If I remember correctly, they build a special clock that will chime midnight with a special song for Santa...... wait!   Off to YouTube!

HERE is the whole show!

 And here is the song that I loved!!

There was always a great dinner and sugar cookies and reindeer food and new pajamas on Christmas Eve.   That was the Christmas of my childhood.   And bundling up in those new pj's sometimes to go to the candlelit service at our church.   Then home to put a plate of cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer and off to bed with the story.

And that's pretty much the same Christmas Eve I am creating for our children.   If it ain't broke:  don't fix it, right?

And how else will I remain a child at heart myself?

We add some traditions of our own .... and now, I have "work" to do before I go to bed.    But it's fun work.  The best kind of work.   Although frustrating when you realize half the stuff you bought?   Doesn't actually stuff into a stocking.

Now it's a glass of wine, or a blender of grasshoppers before bed instead of milk and cookies.

It goes very nicely with It's A Wonderful Life, trust me.   The movie is just long enough that you can finish the blender with your mother and sister.     Fine, two. 

It's probably my favourite night of the year.   The feeling of joy, love and anticipation that surrounds you, like the presents surround the tree.   Nothing can compare -- except maybe the wonder and awe of a Christmas morning.

Christmas morning is mostly about celebrating a Saviour's birth around here; but the night before is a little bit more traditional.

And now, I am adding a new tradition this year:  Host!    To my parents and whatever sibling can make it.    The full turkey dinner.   Wine.   Games.   Present Exchange.

Joy. Laughter. Singing. Love.
I can't wait.

The house is decorated.   It will be cleaned - eventually.   (hey, I still got 9 days!)
The tree is up!
Left Brain and I are going to buy our first turkey tomorrow!   Can you believe that?  11 years married and this is the first time we are buying a turkey!

I've never been host before!    It's exciting!   I'm so nervous!!   I am sure one panic attack will occur before then.   There is wine and chocolate on standby.  

We will miss the Candle Light Service at our church, which kinda makes me sad.   Honestly though, it ends up being a chore because the kids cannot sit still long enough, and then Silent Night, Holy Night is interrupted by my hissed breaths of "can you not sit still for 5 minutes!!"
oh yes, feel the joy!

Other than that; I'm not gonna sweat the details.
It's all about being together and sharing some good cheer and making some magical memories.

Christmas doesn't have to be a fleeting feeling.   All that excitement and wonder that you feel can be something that you carry forward all year long.

You just have to unwrap the right gifts.

Time out for Mom

What does Christmas Eve look like at your home?

*This the last chat before Christmas!   I hope the spirit of Faith, Hope, Joy and Love wraps each one of you in it's warm embrace this Season!   I'll see you back here in the New Year.   Watch the Chat Sneak Peeks prompts page for updates!*

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