Welcome to another Coffee Chat!
I am so happy and lucky to have all of you with me every week!

Okay though.   I got a confession.
I'm in a lousy mood today.   Like piss poor foul shouldn't be around people at all.
It's almost 1 am, and I've got Coke in my cup; and have been procrastinating on writing this post.

Why?   Because I slept all day and now I can't go to sleep.    But, I'm tired.

See, I woke up feeling sick this morning.   Which is not surprising given all the sickness in this house this last month, and my super hero efforts to contain, maintain, and get out stains during it!
Since I had so much to do, I did the only logical thing and took what was probably a lethal dose of Tylenol Cold for normal people..... and woke up 4 hours later.

And felt great!   Ha!  Drugs people - works every time.

So why procrastinate on the post?
Because this is supposed to be a chat about Random Acts of Kindness, and yet: I feel anything but kind.   Charitable is not me right now.   Unless - you are giving some to me?
Fabulous!  I accept.

Yes, I got a nap, and I do seem to have beat the illness, however; sleeping the day practically away has put me even further behind.   House, Christmas decorating, cleaning, blog reading, writing... you name it:  I'm behind in it.   I haven't even eaten yet.  

"I am feeling overwhelmed and also Hangry" - another novel by me.

Oh!  Did I mention that Left Brain is having a lovely time away on his training?   They had a most excellent weekend in Toronto for their break.  Dinners out.   A movie.   Shopping at Eaton Centre.  A lovely walk through the downtown.  Dinner out Again!

Yeah that. 
I got the snotty noses, the puke fest of 2014,  the birthday gift shopping, the taxi service,  the flooded toilet that leaked all over my laundry room too -- including the basket of already clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away, and the disaster of the house from two energetic girls who just can't seem to learn the lesson put that thing back where it came from.   Not to mention all the daily chores that come with house and kids.

F*ck him.  and his perfect little weekend.
I mean, if he wants a divorce -- why doesn't he just ask for one?

Oye.  Now you see it.  ME.  At.Worst.
I'm am grumbling about things I would normally just get on with doing.  
Because IT WAS ME who encouraged him to go on this 2 week training.  So shut the hell up already, right?

It's just been a bad, bad couple of days: but I've plastered the smile, cranked the Christmas tunes, and searched for silver linings.    And I even found some.

my nap buddy and pretty much constant shadow
 Sometimes the unfairness of it all just strikes you down, ya know?
I could never have two weeks to go do anything - because who would watch my kids?   Certainly not my shift worker husband.  And pretty sure babysitters don't tend to work the 5 pm to 8 am shift.

But he?  He's free to go off on lovely adventure.  always.  Because I am HERE.  Always.
I love him to infinity and beyond: but sometimes our lives seem most disproportionate.

And it's just kinda made me sad today.
Okay - fine:  I'm a whiny little bitch.

And THAT.   THAT RIGHT THERE FOLKS is why we absolutely must be kind to one another.   Why we must always consider when we step outside our door, what kind of face we want to show the world.

I stayed home and napped for your protection world!   Because all it would have taken was a wrong glance, comment, or being cut off in traffic and I might have gone psycho mom on someones' ass.  And I knew this, so I did the wiser thing.

But say I didn't.   Say I took myself and all my bad mood misery out into the world, spread that shit around real good.    Well, what have I done?   Just poured more negativity into an already groaning world.   And it doesn't matter that my mood might be justified.   That it's simple a bad day run amuck.      Really -- what gives me the right?!  

What do you suppose a kind hearted smile, or an unexpected compliment, or gesture might have done for my mood?   Some sprinkling of goodness neither asked for, expected, or even earned.
I think it might have gone a long way to turning the frown back around.

Restored a little hope in humanity.   That we might just actually give a shit about one another. 

We don't know the other person's story.   We don't know the frustrations, hurt, or burdens someone else is carrying.   Their load might be heavy; like back breaking everything that could go wrong is going wrong and they are barely holding on.      Shouldn't we try to lessen that burden?  Rather than piling another stick on top?    Do you want to be the one that made them fall?

No.  I'd much rather be the one that raised them up.    And there are a hundred little ways we can be that to someone.   All of us can find ways to leave a little cheer, and hope, in our wake.

Thankfully, I have an angel of a friend who knows how to do good surprises!

Knock, Knock!  Festive Cheer calling
God Bless her heart!
So grateful.  So blessed. 

Just like that: right back to feeling fine.
Life is far too short to waste it being in a bad mood.

The things that make you happiest:  that's what should kill you in the end!  :)

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health....... don't worry Left Brain: I NEVER forget a promise.

So here's our Advent Random Acts of Kindness calendar.   We've gotten a bit side-tracked due to everyone being sick, but I am still committed.    Because I think it's so so important.  

What would you add to help us spread a little kindness this holiday season?

Time out for Mom

NEXT WEEK (last Chat before Christmas Break):  I will be hosting my family for Christmas Eve Dinner this year!!   So excited to start this new tradition in my home.   What does Christmas Eve look like at your home?

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