I am getting together with a friend for real live coffee chat today; so I am popping in quick.

We will probably get loud with laughter.
Or, in discussing the merits and voicing our appreciation of Hugh Jackman's butt.
You know, serious stuff. 

This weeks' photography prompt is Loud.
You might wonder what this picture of Canadian geese flying overhead has to do with loud.

Well, you've clearly never had about 40 Canadian geese fly over your head.

 I believe I have posted these shots before I believe, but I wasn't quite happy with them.   Claudia from ImagesByCW suggested trying some black and white filter/edits.   I agree!    It does seem to make them "pop" a little more.

Thanks for the tip my friend!
Aren't photographers great?   So helpful, which is why I love this photography project. 

I may revisit these shots at a later date and do more edits, but for now, it is evoking that sense of wonder and awe I get every time I witness this great migration.

It really is a noisy affair though.

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