It's been awhile since I did an actual post for the Through The Lens Photography Project hosted by Alison at Writing, Wishing, and Greta from GFunkified.

Not that I have not been taking pictures.   I take A LOT of pictures!
Granted, not as much lately during the ugly, brown and dying landscape of late Fall.

Also, I often just post a pic to the groups Flickr site instead of doing an actual post.    If you want to see some great shots by other bloggers in training to be photo ninjas; check it out!

This weeks' prompt is Close Up
and...... since I did purchase a new macro lens just at the end of summer, my garden was more than ready for it's close up!

Now, these first few photos do show quite a bit of detail..... you can see the pollen on the brown eyed-Susan!   However, focusing?    Needs improvement.

(click any photo to enlarge and see slide show)

I do love how close ups really show the delicate and intricate details of Nature's Beauty.
But let's see if we can solve that focus problem.

Wow!   I love happy accidents!    I really don't know what I did differently there.   Perhaps just getting a steadier hand.
When you do get the hang of it though:  a close up really is the Bee's Knees!

can you see his tiny little bee feet?? 
Often, things that seem quite boring.... or that you even may dread, gain a whole lot of new interest and beauty, when inspected up close:

And you may even get a friendly encounter!!

But, as always seems to be the way in life, you will eventually learn that you don't often have to travel far from home to get up close to joy and beauty.

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project - friendly criticism is always welcome!

Next week prompt:  Pair

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