It's been such a wonderful Christmas holiday!
My little elves are full of joyful smiles!

You can tell I am having a lovely holiday, because I haven't been here.
Forgive Me:  It's Been About A Week since my last blog post.
Unintentional Bloggy Break.  sorta.

Partly due to "don't give me the side eye because I open my lap top, when your own phone/Kindle is attached to your palm."   If one has company for a week of holidays, I think we all earn the right to a few free moments to ourselves.   Can you seriously entertain the same people that long?  Continuously?

Hell no you cannot.
I am a MOM; I should know.

The other part was that our Internet so slow; I cooked a turkey before a YouTube video could load.   And then they wouldn't play at all.
This was so unacceptable because some serious Business was Going Down!

Are you kidding me!!?   Who is responsible for this?
Because I really need to know whom I should address this Cookie Basket of Thanks to.

The most important part though,  was that I just wanted to bask in the warmth of gratitude and be filled with joy.

And I am filled.

So filled in fact; my iPhone is brimming with so many pics, I can’t take another one because I keep getting a message: “storage is full”.
And that’s how I feel this holiday: Just Filled.  Over brimming.

It’s a good storage issue to have.
So mama Elf is smiling too.

Okay, that one might have been meant for Papa Elf.

We've baked cookies.  And Christmas Rice Krispie treats.   We've coloured Christmas pictures for contests we forgot to enter.   We've played Go Fish and Dominoes. We've sang all the carols.   We've stayed in new fleecy pj's and watched movies for hours.   And when we finally felt too lazy and thought maybe we should venture out:  there was rain so we couldn't build a snowman.

Until we did.

He must have been feeling all the comfort and joy... and warmth too; because he melted.
Luckily, he is made of Christmas putty, and not snow, so we could just rebuild him again.   And again.  And again.  and...... another.

We didn't let the frightful weather outside dampen our festive spirits.   Instead, we had impromptu dance parties with magical Christmas disco lights.    I think it will catch on.

When Nature did tempt us away from the sweet smelling, festive lit, warm abode; there was a warmth to the air that almost felt like Spring.    Which meant I could trade my iPhone camera for my fancy Canon.

Although I don't think all of Nature was as impressed by it as I still am.

He would not look at me no matter what!
But Nature: she showed off her glory when she wanted!

Treats for the eyes in sunsets and Christmas light tours and the flicking flames of a warm fire.

Treats for the ears in the continuous melodies of Christmas carols, the laughter of children, and the good wishes of friends and loved ones.

Treats for little hands in the form of rainbow loom bands,  Christmas crafts, Lego robots.... and sticky candy canes stole from the tree. 

Treats for the belly, in almost every sugar plum sweetness you could possibly imagine.

I treated myself this year.   To time.   Never hurrying; never worrying.    Just let it all unfold in it's magical and miraculous glory.    Feeling the warmth of gratitude spread through me until I felt I would burst.
Treat for the soul.

My storage is full.

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