I have survived the weekend with all the sickly, whining children!

And I even managed to get them to all 3 of the birthday parties that I had already RSVP'd, and purchased presents for the birthday child.

And taught my Sunday School class.
And practiced the Christmas pageant with my little choir singers.

I am a frickin marvel of modern science people.

Just don't look too closely at my house, in the fridge, and yes dear children; you totally can wear underwear for 2 days straight. 

I wonder if things were easier way back when before all the hustle and bustle?
Although, McDonalds:  so helpful to tired moms.

You wanna know what saved me from tearing out my hair?

It's A Wonderful Life was on.   Gets me right in the feels Every.Single.Time.
I watch it every year - at least twice normally.    And the message is never lost on me. 

Life IS Wonderful.
And there absolutely is Beauty and Meaning in even the smallest, menial tasks; such as just taking care of your sick children.

My youngest was beside herself with her bad cold.   She laid down upon her bed, all be herself - I didn't even have to tell her to go.    Yes, the youngest - the one called ZooZoo here.
She's named after ZuZu in the movie -- the one who's petals George Bailey searches his pockets in desperation for when he realizes what he truly would lose if he was gone.

I clung to that thought:  ZooZoo's petals.
I store them in my heart as a reminder that what I am doing in this life: absolutely matters.

One life touches many -- make it count!

It's Christmas Music All Month Long!!!

Some old time favourite Christmas music to bring back some holiday memories of old.
And because my obsession for Baby It's Cold Outside is becoming a problem to those around me.

This original song based on the movie is really sweet

And can we just talk about how beautiful Donna Reed is?  

Classic Christmas music that you are most likely to hear in my house these days:

And the song which brings back some of my favourite holiday memories (more on that later):

Folks, you just have to take a Winter Wonderland Sleigh Ride once in your life.
You won't regret.
It will be Wonderful. 

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