Hey! Remember in that other post how I bragged about what a marvel I was? Doing all the things. Taking care of all the sick children. Keeping it all together in Left Brain's absence.

Curing the common cold.

Okay, granted, that last one may not be true.
Which is probably why I woke up this morning with it kicking me in the ass.

Pride. Fall.
Every time folks.

Thankfully, with the kids all well enough to go to school, this momma took 2 cold Advil and went back to bed.   Even though my super stupid mind wanted to get to All the Things like laundry, grocery shopping and a start on my Christmas Decorations, I did the wise thing and rested.

Four hours later!!!  (Seriously.   I was worried Christmas had passed.)   I woke up much refreshed and actually feeling not too bad.    I even bought groceries.   So yeah, just give me that super cape back, and I'll be about creating Christmas Wonderland around here.
Retired Not Tired Memory Monday
Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

I love Christmas!
I spent the quiet moments of the weekend putting my Christmas playlist together.    And yes, my constant playing of old time Christmas songs may be a problem for those around me.    But too bad!

Christmas music is pure joy!  Don't you like Joy?  Sit.Down.  Feel it.

I suppose my positive feelings stem from having such wonderful Christmas memories.   I have always spent Christmas Day with my extended family on my mother's side.   When I was young, it was always at my grandparents farm.   And what a loud, hungry, noisy crowd we must have been.

There was no gift exchanging.   Nothing fancy -- unless you count all the home-made desserts (and I do!!).  Just good old country Christmas love and fun.    The tree was always ginormous and cut down right from their own property.   I loved searching for my favourite decorations on that 20 foot tall tree each year.  

The house was always warm from the wood stove Grandpa kept stoked.    Often we would have to prop a door open to let some cool air in.     The food was always amazing - I don't think I could eat in the finest restaurant in the entire world, and think it was better than Christmas turkey dinner at Grandma's table.  

You know, I can't even remember specific things we did.    Just an overall warm glow remains.    Of just being together.    Although, when grandpa got up from the table, swallowed the last swirling remains of his scotch, and reached for his overalls as he headed out the door:  you kinda knew what was up next.

I mean, does it get more country, Christmas card cheer than a horse drawn sleigh ride?
Not for me it doesn't.
The crunch of snow under the horse hooves, the sleigh runner whispering over the snow, the jingle bells twinkling softly through the forest:  and us kids singing carols all the way.

It really is the stuff of magic.
As we got older, some of us opted to ride our own horse through the many wood trails instead.
It became an after lunch tradition, and those who didn't want to ride, simple walked and talked.
But laughter always rang out in those snowy woods on Christmas day no matter how you choose to wander.

I still say this is the best way to view a wooded trail though:


My grandparents have passed on for some time now.   There hasn't been a sleigh ride or trail ride for many years.    Most of the family still gathers at my aunts farm on  Christmas Day.  
There will still be lots of food. 
There will be a walk in the woods.   And with this view who could blame us?

Although it is likely to be more snow covered.   Hopefully I will have some updated pics.

My kids will play on the hayloft swing and chase the barn cats.   Just as I did.
They will steal goodies from the gingerbread house - just as I did.
I will sip mulled wine and catch up with my family.    As we always have.

It may sound boring to some.  To do the same thing every year.    But if find there are just enough changes that happen slowly over time, so that it is always interesting.

The important thing is being with the ones you love.   That's what will always linger.
Christmas memories: simple, timeless and true.

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