My week of fun and fails continues!

I should just know not to plan anything.... ever.    Just forget about it.
Because something always comes up to ruin my plans.

And by "come up" -- I mean that literally this week.   For Real.

Third day with 3rd child home sick. 

Nothing makes a parent get out of bed faster than the sounds of puking in the night.
Yeah that.
yeah - where are you!?

Hey.... let's look at some nice fall foliage and fences down on the farm!!

Because I have run out of appropriate F Words.

(click image for larger view)

When I think of "fence" - these are the type that comes to mind.
Nothing fancy - but strong and lasting.

Not fun to fix if they do break -- because sometimes horses run and cows really want the corn on the other side.    The ones I grew up with usually were tied with barb wire.  Ouch!

And you may not be able to see very well, but that white strip of cloth that also runs along the fence?

Electric fence.   Also ouch.

Unless you can grab the arm of one of your cousins first, and then touch the fence.
Then it's just fun.

Lord knows I could use a little more fun right now.


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