Well..... that ought to return some fun searches.

Merry Christmas to me.

So..... kids driving you crazy yet?

They have played outside, they have screamed and run around inside.   I've baked cookies.   I've sung carols.  We've done our kind acts.   I don't think I can watch Elf one more time:  and I LOVE that movie.

I am running out of ideas and we've barely begun the holidays!    You know it's bad when I go into my dark, back room and come out with ......*scary music*  The Craft Box.

Actually, I have my mom to thank for this torture from hell fun Christmas decoration craft.   I don't know why people assume I got the Crafty Gene, because I assure you, I did NOT.     However, in an effort to silence the begging make the holidays full of Joy and Fun:  I dove in.

I figured it would be simple, because all you needed to start was this:

Medium sized Styrofoam ball
 Now the ones I had were about a medium size, but you could do this with a variety of sizes.

And, all you are going to do: is decorate the thing and attach some kind of string so that you can hang it.
Easy peasy, right?
Enter the children.
Chaos follows.

Now, I had gathered pretty Christmas tissue paper and glue and mod podge, and pom poms, and buttons and jingle bells, and pretty sheer fabric and ribbon and bows.....

What do they want to do?
The answer is always Paint.    *heavy mother sigh*

So, I got the paints and off they went.    And I have to say with just the paint - because OF COURSE our paints are GLITTER paints; they do look rather nice.   And sparkly.  

They were finished in no time.  Me?   Not.So.Much.
Because, glue and tissue paper and buttons and pom poms and hot glue melts Styrofoam it turns out.
So I had to use the good old fashioned Elmer's sticky Me Dry Long Time Baby glue.

 I told ya!!  No. Craft. Gene.

Anyway, I finally finished mine and despite the trauma, I think they are not too bad.

I rather like the purple sheer fabric one with the pretty bow ribbons.
That red glitter painted one is going to be wrapped with the sheer blue ribbon to the left.
And the one with the yellow and snowflake tissue paper needs some serious help.

I have no clue what to do with them now.  
They are way to big for the tree.   The cat is eyeing them with great interest.  

Please - I have festive ball to?

Still, it is nice to work your brain in other ways for a spell, and we did have fun doing the craft.  My son had a friend over and he actually ended up doing one to take home to give his mom.   If you can impress a 10 year old boy with anything non-edible; I think you've done well!

If you want to see my lovely festive balls from last year:  Check em Out! 

I am sorry - this post is unintentionally dirty and I got no excuse other than:

I am slowly going crazy, and I got wet glue sparkly balls I don't know where to hang.
I'm just gonna show myself out now.

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