I've almost completed the first week of being on my own with the 3 kids, since Left Brain went away on training.

Someone get over here and pat me on the back..... because I am too damn tired to pat it myself.

And if you could stay and maybe also cook a meal, that would be awesome.
Because I still got another week to go.
Bring your own wine.
And share it maybe?

Single moms:  I salute you!

On My Own.... pretending he's beside me (doing some dishes)
Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Kisma from Sounds Like Life to Me – she came up with the last two statements.

The statements:

1.  Sometimes I think whoa... "sometimes?!!"  honey - this brain never quits

If you could see a visual of my brain in it's usual mode?

I need to only sometimes think.   Just ssshhhhhh already brain.

2.  Do you love Super Hero or Sci Fi movies as much as I do?

Seriously, I have started a brand new fitness regime recently..... and I'm not gonna lie, but the fact that I need to stay healthy until ALL the Marvel movies are completed, is a factor.

We are talking until 2019 people!!  
Yes, THAT IS my 5 year plan. 

There's also NEW Star Wars to consider!

I am AWOKE people!

3.  Black Friday: not available in all countries.  Check your local settings.

Although, we did make use of a cyber deal to upgrade our now outdated Wii game system, to a brand new Xbox 360.

Which I am now told is outdated.

"Will I ever catch up, or Fall Ever Further Behind?" - a novel by Me.

4.  Time with family is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends.   As a SAHM and married to a shift worker who is rarely home for these holidays:  they don't quite look like the holiday weekends of my youth. 

Which is probably a good thing.

Although, I do sometimes miss Sundays to lay about and watch movies; while drinking roughly 2 gallons of water, and popping Tylenol like Pez.

This is also my I'm so tired from watching all the children, all the hours look. 
And could no one here puke for the next 3 days?    Thanks - that would be swell.

Funny how parenting can be like a really bad hangover sometimes.

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