Yes, I am a grown adult and I am counting the sleeps till Christmas!!

Recall, I am also the grown adult who has Captain America in her tree.
I said "In" - not under.  ;)

I also have a partridge squatting under a tree in my front yard. 
Yep, we take Christmas pretty seriously around here.
I have not managed to snap a photo of him yet.  The delighted squeals of children running towards him seems to illicit the Flee like the Dickens response. 

I get you partridge in my tree.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Elizabeth from Silver’s Reviews – she came up with all the statements.

The statements:

1. I would never  try to impose my religious beliefs concerning the holiday on anybody else.   

But I do say "Merry Christmas!" because for me, it's the celebration of the birth of a Saviour.   It doesn't have to mean that to you.  It's okay - we can co-exist.

Thus, please do not be offended by my greeting; it's only a happy wish for you, nothing more.   I am not trying to "force my religion down your throat."   You are free to respond in kind, in any manner of your choosing.  The point is, we should part from one another with a feeling of happiness and good cheer; regardless of our differences.  If you cannot grasp that concept; perhaps religion is not the problem.

2. Do you always try to catch snowflakes on your tongue?   I do.  Still.  Always.

There are just some things I never want to lose, ya know?

3.  Christmas Day  is my favorite holiday!   You should see me: I still have trouble sleeping the night before.  I am giddy like actual 8 year old.  

Proving that the spirit of Christmas is also not just about the presents under the tree, but about the love of those who surround you.

4. Realizing that for many, the Holidays are a lonely and sad time makes me kinda heartbroken. 

Share a Smile. Give a hug. Do an act of kindness this Season.
You may just be the blessing that someone was waiting for.

Here's one of our Random Acts of Kindness:  we are going to Candy Cane Bomb the parking lot of the local grocery store.

mini candy canes!

You can find all kinds of these little Christmas cheer notes via a simple Google Search.

This weekend, we will also be delivering home-made sugar cookies to the Fire Station, feeding some wild birds, and taking extra blankets and cat food to the local Humane Society Shelter.

I don't know how much you will see me around the Blogosphere from now until after Christmas.  I have company arriving on Monday, and the big Christmas Eve to host.   I might have a few post ideas up my sleeves, but I won't be participating in any of my usual blog hops. 

Until, then, my most sincere Merry Christmas wishes to all of you!  

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