This world has grown so complicated.
Battle lines being drawn everywhere.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the truth of a situation.
So, I sit on the fence until I have all the facts; and come to my own conclusions.

This is relevant and important; trust me.
You cannot trust everything you read on the Internet, Twitter or Tumblr.... or even CNN.
It is absolutely important -- because the issue is so important -- to do your own homework in order to reach any conclusion.
Taking my time; does not make me apathetic.   It does not mean I have no compassion.
It makes me impartial.

But, until I can come to any informed, unbiased and educated conclusion, I am just gonna to enjoy the view from the fence.   For now. 

 Hopefully, at the end of it, my opinion will not be so crooked, or bent out of shape!

Or prick anyone the wrong way!!

The goal is to be well formed.  Strong.
Held together even in weathered conditions.

Ultimately to result in a better view.
For all of us. 

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