It seems only appropriate that this Wednesday be all about our Halloween.
My pumpkin game continues to be Super Strong!

(Forgive the lower photo quality this week, as these are all iPhone camera photos.)

Batman symbol, Captain American Shield, Minecraft Creeper Peeper

 The kids could hardly stand still long enough for the photo op:
 ZooZoo:  Princess Anna from Frozen
Angel Girl:  Ninja
Monkey Boy:  Pikachu

  And as promised, mommy got her Super Hero/Master Assassin Game on too:

Don't you men just love women that look like they might give you the night of your life -- or walk across your back in their 6 inch stilettos; but either way you'll thank them?

Black Widow seems like that kinda gal to me.

 There is a house on our street that turns their yard into a graveyard and all the tombstones have funny names.  I really liked this one in particular:

 Hope everyone had a great night of treats, and very little tricks.
Someone did think it would be hilarious to take all my super pumpkins off my porch, and line them up at the end of my driveway.

I suppose a harmless trick in comparison to many others that occur this most spooky night.

Curious as a Cathy

ImagesByCW Photography

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