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Time out for Mom

Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

Yes, my name is Rory and I am a procrastinator.

Now, quite honestly, I am not one by nature.   Normally I am a let's get going and do all the things kinda girl.   Which is not to say that I will have a neatly ordered schedule of Doing all the things... I will probably fly by the seat of my pants.
There will be mistakes.
Also, probably gonna get lost at some point.
But, I will have snacks, good tunes, and willing to bet we will laugh a lot.

However lately,  Rory Meet Rut.
Now you might not think that a rut is some grand thing that you need to let go of.
Until you realize that you might just have been talking about being a rut.... for months.
See, that's your sign.   Rut.  You.  In.

This is not to say I no longer have any enthusiasm.  I got that - in spades.
What I lack is the motivation.
And I can no longer blame this lack of motivation, this lack of Doing; on being sooo busy.  
Nay,  Nay.  
The kids are in school now: I have the whole day.   Naturally, there are still house and laundry and grocery shopping to be done.  But there are still hours left for me to devote to things I SAY I want to do.

And this is the problem with being in a rut.  You often play the victim.  Blame your lack of production on an external reason.   It's not your fault you are not realizing your potential: something, or someone(s) else is holding you back.    That way, you don't have to take any responsibility.

We all know taking long, hard, deep looks at ourselves can be scary.   Intimidating.  Launch ships loaded with insecurity.    Holding on to that victim mentality, that "woe is me" attitude, only prevents us from moving forward. 

Well, no longer.  With the standing still.  In a rut.  I'm ready to Move.
I decided to make myself a daily schedule.    A way to get me started, and to keep me on track.   
This schedule will be all the things I NEED to do (around the home for example), and the things I want to do.    Because, they are often different.  Much.
Also, things I feel necessary to my future development either as a person, a wife/mom, or ... maybe even that stuff of dreams:  A writer/photographer.

So here is what a typical day might look like with my self imposed schedule:

7:30 am - 9 am:  getting kids ready and off to school
9 am to 10 am:  Coffee!!  read email.  organize my own blogging for the day, and blogs to be read.
                           and maybe eat something now dummy
10 am to 11 am:  Exercise!!  Move that body!
11 am - noon:    Cleaning?  Laundry?  Grocery Run? 
noon:               lunch -  maybe watch a show that is on PVR, or read a book I plan on reviewing
1 pm - 3pm:   Computer:  time to actually reply to any of those emails, read those blogs, write my own blog or in personal journal, etc., or photography related activities
3 pm to 4 pm:   finish any home matters before kids get home, dinner prep,  leave free for any last                           minute things that might need doing
4 pm to 8 pm:  kids are home!!   Supper, homework, play, bath, bedtime.   It's not about YOU now!
8 pm to bedtime:   Me time!   Watch TV, movie,  finish any blogging or photography,  is hubby            home?  amend accordingly ;)

Seeing that written down: it seems so anal!  So controlling.   Yet, I think I need to go against my tendency to fight such rigid order right now -- so that I don't get off track.   For example, if I don't break up my computer times into smaller and FOCUSED chunks -- well, the next thing I know I could have been on Tumblr for 2 hours!!

Seriously, trying to get off Tumblr (or substitute your Time Suck of choice like Pinterest) is like:

I think it goes without saying, that a degree of flexibility is required.  If a friend calls me to go OUT for coffee:  bye bye schedule.  Or, as will happen this week; my mom and I doing some pre Christmas shopping.   And that's okay.   Every now and then.

The biggest hindrance to my progress?
Notice how I just said "bedtime" - and did not specify a time?   Yeah, it could be 11 pm, it could just as easily be 3 am.   The truth is if I get a writing inspiration: I just keep going.   And then I usually hit a second wind and can't fall asleep.
But I also can't fall asleep if my brain is too noisy either.   So I Must Write The Things Down.
It's a conundrum.
I will make an effort to end the late nights though. 
Just.. one step at a time folks.   Let's get the schedule to become HABIT and LIFESTYLE first.

Perhaps than Mr. Sandman will just do his job like he's supposed to.
Because Insomnia:  totally not my fault.    *side eye*

Is there something in your life you need to just Let it Go?

Next Week:  Do you think you are brave?

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