Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat with Rory!

I hope that everyone is doing well this week.
We are suddenly buried under some of the fresh white stuff!!

Yes... the dreaded "S" word is making it's first appearance on the blog this season.    I don't have any pictures as yet ---- I was too concerned with whether I should continue with my plans to drive into town given the conditions of the road.

And that Left Brain has not been well enough to put the snow tires on the van yet?

Do I stay?
Or do I go?

OF Course  I went!   I'm Canadian:  I learned to drive in this stuff.
It will take a lot more than the first snowfall of the year to keep me from going to the mall to get a new outfit for the first Christmas Party of the season.

Besides, I do know how to drive safely in winter conditions.   The car has it's emergency kit.  There are extra blankets.    A shovel to dig yourself out.   My cell is fully charged AND I have a portable charger in my purse.

I think that's a big part of conquering your fears:  being prepared enough to handle, or conquer and consequences.    Knowing you have a plan.   Such things go a long way to boosting your confidence in handling emergencies, or scary events.

Okay, so great:  I am brave enough to drive in the snow.

Just don't ask me to sing in front of a crowd of strangers.   Um, no.   Not likely to happen.   I mean, karaoke yes -- because you are supposed to sound horrible and drunk slurring during karaoke.  Right?

I have no problem standing up and talking in front of a large group of people though.
Go figure.
I just like to talk.   Talking is my favourite. 

We all have things we fear.   Or situations that make us fearful.
I use to go for a run at night in university.   Um, not happening in these times, no.
I also use to climb the grain towers on the farm when I was a child. 
Now as a mother?   I see no need to tempt Fate in such endeavours.

However, I have no problem walking through the wooded trail of a campground - from my tent to the bathroom, in the pitch black of night: alone.
Okay, so you see, THIS is one of those times that actually you most certainly are a little bit afraid; but due to a most pressing need, you must face your fears.   Courage must rise when you have a weak bladder! 

See; sometimes Fear, can be our friend.   That wise feeling in our guts that tells us:

Those are the times perhaps we should listen to our instinct, and NOT go bravely forth.

But, Fear can also prevent us from experiencing something wonderful too.    From realizing our dreams.    Or, blessings we never knew we wanted.   

There was a time I was afraid to get married.      For many reasons, I didn't think I'd be a good wife.   And certainly, an even worse mother.   I just didn't have a clue how to be those things.

So I made sure I didn't get them.   Enter the parade of bad boys who were bad matches.
And some fearful situations indeed.   Clearly I am NOT afraid of making mistakes.   I think my courage was born out of many of those relationships.

So perhaps I was becoming brave... but I wasn't quite there yet. 

Until I started thinking: maybe the fact that I am AFRAID of this thing, will be the very thing that makes me GOOD at it.   Because, it is so important to me that I Be Good.   And maybe this very thing that I am so afraid of, is exactly the thing that I SHOULD do.

I don't believe we were created to have a spirit of fear within us.

So I took that deep breath, and a leap of faith:  and here I am over 10 years married, with 3 beautiful children.   I gotta say:  it's worked out pretty well so far.   ;)

I will be eternally grateful that my brave was big enough to lead me down the path, where my greatest blessings were waiting.

 So, show me your Brave!

Time out for Mom

Next Week:  How Full is your glass? (A good gratitude post perhaps for my American readers in view of Thanksgiving holiday.)

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