Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!
What shall I fill your cup up with today?    It doesn't have to be coffee for you to join me.
 Hope you like whatever your preference is by candle light!

You see, I am actually writing this early Monday evening, in the dark; because we are having a doozy of a storm and the power has gone out.    It is wine in my glass tonight because that just happens to be what I drink by candle light.

Also, you never know how long the power might be out, and the wine isn't going to stay cold forever in the fridge.  No sense risking the waste!    If life hands you grape juice slowly going to room temperature:  Drink It!

So...... the candles have been lit.   Fresh batteries in flashlights.   The camping lantern dug out and ready for any emergency.   The kids all tucked safely into bed ... where visions of the backyard tree crashing on the house in this windstorm dances in their heads.

Or of peeing in the dark.

I am hoping my battery will last long enough to both write this post fast (in a document, because of course I have no wifi right now either), AND for Left Brain and I to watch a movie on my laptop.  

On a good note, my house smells absolutely delicious because all the candles I have -- which I JUST happened to buy the other day -- are vanilla, or Christmas sugar cookie scented.

Also, this gives me a pretty good excuse to have a bubble bath by candle light later too.

As you can probably tell, I am choosing to operate under the notion that the Glass Is Half Full.

I've got a romantic and sweet scented atmosphere going on over here... and if all else should fail, a handy back up charger from LePow Moonstone in my purse. 

Plus, I am very  happy that the power did NOT go out during dinner preparation, or, while ZooZoo was in the tub.   Because the screams of hunger and  "mommy mommy I am going to drown in the dark!!!"  would have really put a damper on the potentially romantic evening.

Except, Left Brain still does have pneumonia.
That's why it was just going to be movie cuddles, instead of something I would definitely Not Be Telling You All About!!    Ha

When unplanned emergencies such as this happen, it is a relief to know that you have all the necessary equipment on hand.    Honestly, it wasn't really that long ago that humans lived in the dark so to speak.   Certainly a little power outage would never have concerned my grandparents.

And seriously:  You gotta see the starry sky above us tonight, with all the city lights out.
It is magnificent!!   


 I am actually happy to have the few quiet moments in the dark --- where I can see new things all around me.

Tuesday, November 25/14

 How Full is your glass? (A good gratitude post perhaps for my 
American readers in view of Thanksgiving holiday.)

Time out for Mom

Or, more importantly again, what would you like me to fill it with? 

NEXT WEEK:   It's now officially December and the countdown to Christmas has begun in our home!  I may even decorate this week.   What are some of your favourite pre-holiday preparations? 

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