Good Morning and Welcome to another Coffee Chat!

Look at that coffee gif up there!   Look at that!  That's perfection.
I am always on the hunt for the perfect image to supplement my words.    You know the experts say that your blog posts should include images to keep the reader interested and break up lengthy sections of texts.   Of course, the experts are always right!   Right?

Was that lengthy text?    I have no idea... should I insert another image?
You know, I want to make sure I do this right.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, November 4/14
Are you more worried about doing things right, 
or doing the right things?

Well, I have been working really hard on animating my own images.   It's actually not that hard once you get the right program, and a little time to edit.... you know, for trial and error.  And error.  And trials.  Mostly error.   But I think I got that hang of it:

Just look at that pretty AND animated water reflection.    I can't believe I did that.

Especially since I was already busy working on that new Blog Header you see up there.   My old header was mostly pictures shot on my iPhone 3gs, which had a horrible camera.   I wanted to update it with shots taken with my big girl Canon DSLR.      I definitely like the new look.

Now, having said all this, one might get the idea that I am a perfectionist.... and, you'd be right.
Some what.
When it comes to how my blog looks?  Yes, I want the right look.
1.  it is a representation of myself and thus must have certain look, feel, tone, that is a true reflection of the person I am.
2.  I like it to look nice for when y'all visit.   Plain and simple.   I don't leave Left Brain's whiskers in the sink, or crumbs on my floor if you visit my house; and I am not leaving crappy pictures on my blog for all to see.  

Both very good reasons to seek perfection IMHO.

Also, when it comes to taking and editing pictures, again, seeking close to perfection as I possibly can.     Partly for just personal success, and partly because hopefully one day it might actually lead to some degree of financial success too.

There are many things in our lives that we seek to do "right."
Many of us are obsessed with the pursuit of perfection to the point it actually becomes something harmful in our lives.   A force of destruction instead of one that leads to satisfaction.

That is why even though I may desire for my blog to LOOK a certain way -- to obtain the right visual representation I desire --- that external value will never, ever be more important than what  I say, or do, here on this blog. 

If you think my blog looks nice, that is awesome and thank you.   But I rather think and hope that is not what makes you return a visit.    I hope what I truly do right - is my words and actions upon these pages.

A few weeks ago on the chat, we discussed our name meanings and many stated that they hoped to find out the meaning behind my alias "Rorybore."

First, it is how my middle child, Angel Girl, mispronounced Aurora Borealis:  which some of you may know is the Northern Lights.

Colourful, dancing lights across the darkened terrain.

And that my friends is exactly who I wanted to be on this big, often bad thing called the Internet.
I did not want my blog home to be one that contributed to the spread of negative, hurtful, hateful or hostile words.   There's enough of that in our shared spaces already.  I wanted to be a light in the darkness; and I do hope that is one thing I have gotten Right.

I hope I am not too busy taking pictures -- 
and miss the bigger picture!!

Yes, I love to capture life's moments; but I do know it is sometimes more important to just BE IN the moment too.   To let it be what it is; even if it is not perfect, not beautifully framed, or brightly hued.

Finding the meaning in the menial -- I do hope that is one thing I get Right.
I hope that one day my children might find these words and know that their mother stood for what she thought was Right, but that she knew above all, the greater thing, was she loved Right.

Mostly, I hope that the need I might have to do things "right" - or even Being Right; never, ever gets in the way, or becomes more important than doing what is Right.

Being right seems to me a great hindrance to doing Right, as it is rooted in a selfish need for attention and/or glory.    Doing right is not just a matter of dotting "i's" and crossing "t's":  it is more purposeful.  A mission!

I think the magic - those colourful, dancing lights in the darkness - comes from the DOING.
All else flows from that.

And when you are here, I do hope that those good thoughts, and hope and love flow right onto you.

Next Week:  Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

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