Did you peek at my screen?

You Screen Peeker you!

Anyone else have that pet peeve?    Like when you are on your computer and someone stands behind and you're just like .... do you mind not looking at my screen?

This gives me anxiety - quite a bit actually.   Because I am on Tumblr quite a bit and opening up Tumblr with someone watching is pretty risky business.   Will it be cute kittens on the screen?   A beautifully captured sunset?   A trailer for that upcoming Marvel movie you are dying to see.... maybe a few nice gifs already made?

Nope. It's porn.

Oh look a raccoon stealing the kitten's food.


And.. porn.  again.   More porn.  Also penis.
Sometimes kinda cute porny stuff that makes you laugh, but then you feel kinda sick about it.

And this is with my security settings fixed to SCREEN out that kind of thing.
Tag your porn and penis people!!

I realize that probably sounded funny to non Tumblrs'.
But this is why, if you didn't Screen Peek, we wouldn't have a problem.

Or, have you ever handed someone your cell phone so they can see that image of your kids all dressed nice for Halloween, and of course they appropriately go, "aaaawwwwww, you have such beautiful children.  they look great."   And you preen with pride... and then they Do The Thing.

With your touch screen.
Scroll!!    Swipe!!


OMG - no, stop that! 
It's kinda like Tumblr people... you don't know if you will get my kids, my food, a shirtless picture of Chris Evans,  or that cleavage selfie I sent to Left Brain at work.

That's about as porny as I get, sorry.

Anyone else a big Call Screener?
I swear every time my phone rings and I am alone in the house... I picture this:


That movie wrecked me for phone conversation.
But, seriously, anyone who knows me is aware they have better luck reaching me via text, or sending a Facebook private message.
But asking me for money will get your ass blocked and even unfriended just as quickly as I hang up on those pesky telemarketers.

Sometimes I feel like I need to set up a privacy screen around my laptop so that no one can see what might pop up on my computer screen.  Or, I could just stay off Tumblr I suppose.
Wait, what .... who said that?!

But no, our mandate in this house is that all computer and TV screens are within sight, so that mommy and daddy can see what you see.   We screen what our children watch because we are good parents who practice do as I say, not as I do like that.    That way no one inadvertently watches the YouTube video someone labelled Thomas Pulls Into The Station --- that was nothing like a blue cartoon train pulling into a train station.

Or that time Angel Girl wanted to learn about what happened if a juggler dropped all the balls he was juggling, and for some strange reason I Googled "Bouncing Balls."

So, um.. yeah.   I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here today.

Privacy settings and security filters are about as useful on your computer screen, as a screen door is able to protect your house in a hurricane.

Because the big bad Internet is no gentleman these days.   It doesn't knock.
It just crashes through your carefully screened protection like

Hiya - I'm here to mess shit up!
Are you liking all these screenshots?

I find they really do serve as great visual tools for what I am saying.   They get the point across quite well.
See, this is why I need to be on Tumblr.

And yes, I can make my own too.

Don't adjust your screen settings.   It's not actually raining.

You really do have to be so careful with what you see on the Internet. 
But you can right click and save that image above if you like it for your own screen.
(please give credit if you use.)

Really, I'm just doing my part to make the Web nicer and safer.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png
this Weeks' Prompt:  Screen

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