Family is not an important thing: it's everything.

Do you know who said that?

I'll give you a hint:

Mr. Alex P. Keaton -- aka Michael J. Fox.
Do you remember that show?
Do you remember funny and family friendly shows?
Family Ties was definitely one of my favourite TV shows growing up.   And probably one of the few that my mom had faith as a parent that we could watch together.   Even when it tackled difficult subject matter; it handled it in a mature and responsible manner.
Alex parents talked to their children in pretty much the same manner as my mom would discuss matters with me.    Thus, I could really identify with this show in  many ways.

One of my favourite moments:


Even if I could not relate entirely to the 2 parent and sibling dynamic.
I had one parent, and no siblings.
I have mentioned my absent father on this blog several times, but never really gone into detail.

The short version is he was an alcoholic and based on murmurings when I was younger and thought to be out of earshot; a somewhat violent one too.   I never really know him; he was gone before I was barely 2 years old.   I only ever saw his face one more during a local news broadcast stating that he was going to jail for killing someone while drinking and driving.

Did I mention this news broadcast aired during my school lunch hour?   In front of my entire class?
Not that anyone in our small town didn't already know about my drunkard dad.  

Yeah.  That's one half of my DNA right there.   Half my legacy.
I won't lie and say it's been an enjoyable burden to carry.    I won't say it has been easy letting go of that aspect of my past, my heritage and choosing something more worthy to focus and celebrate.

But, it actually hasn't been that hard either.    Partly:  you cannot miss what you never had.   And trust me when I say it's better to have no parent -- than the absolute worst parent.

However, the other half of my legacy is a strong, loving and supportive BIG family.    A family of people that STICK.    That hug BIG and laugh LOUD, and when all else seems gloomy and hopeless you saddle up a ride and head out on the trail; your worries and sadness left behind.

Under the big blue of a country sky, and threaded amidst the whispering of the tall maples and pines; you see and hear the bigger truths of life.    Within that loving bond you can stretch and reach, and if you should fall:  there is always a soft place to land.  

If you lose your way, there are always welcoming arms at the end of the trail that tell you: Yes you can come home, and what's more:  We have MISSED you.  We are so glad you found your way back to us.  Here is where you belong.   
And did you eat yet?

And that is why that quote up there is so true.   And so important.
I don't think anyone really gets a "perfect life", and no family is perfect either.     But no matter how far you go in life - no matter the heights you climb; when you are old in your bed and looking back:  I do think it is the relationships - the LOVE that was sustained - that will determine your measure of success and happiness.

Those will be the things that truly mattered.
I hope I never forget this lesson.   I hope this is the legacy I pass to my own children.

That no matter how much they argue, fight or even hurt one another; in the end, the circle of love that is Family:  It Never Ends.

There may be high notes, and there will certainly be low ones....

... but all in all:  It is a beautiful song.

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Is family everything to you?

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