Taking another trip down Memory Lane this Monday. 

This week we are remembering Mom!

Now this is not very hard for me to do since she was actually just here for the entire weekend.
If you have been keeping up you know that I am in recovery Left Brain and I had his annual work Christmas party on Friday night, and a hotel booked!!   Thus, Grandma to the babysitting and good lord please keep them quiet all day Saturday too rescue.

She and the kids appeared to have a great time, while I was out having a great time.   (I don't know if Left Brain had all that great at time at this own party, since he did have pneumonia.  I don't really remember.  because I am a good wife like that.)

Anyway, mom and the minions had pizza on Friday night and watched movies.   And she played Go Fish, and Candy Land, and Lego games with them.  
You know.... they stuff we don't do anymore because of all the whining when they lose.

She stayed until Sunday morning, when I loaded up the kids for church.   Then she was off to my Aunt's house who broke her leg and my mom has been helping her.

So... right. there.  
After watching my crazed minions who she fed Frozen chocolate, Pepsi, chips and Pizza all weekend and which could not have been pretty; she was off to help my aunt.   And she had come from said Aunt's house the week prior -- to MY house to babysit.   
Can we all just pause a moment and take that in?  
Someone give my mom a cheer and maybe even standing ovation, because God knows she has earned it this past week. 

While at my aunts house, she helped HER grandchildren bake a cake for their own mother whose birthday was this weekend, before she left to come to my house. 
At some point during my absence, a hair saloon was opened in the girls bedroom and hair and makeovers were done.

That's some serious brave right there!
I've been to that hair saloon.   My hair hurt for a week and I may even still have sparkly purple glitter shadow stuck in my eyebrows.

I love that my mom has this close relationship with her grandchildren.
Nothing pleases more as a mom: than seeing my mom and my children together.
That's it  - the secret to life, right there in a nutshell.
The people you love -  not the things.

And that's why I will always remember about my mom.   She wouldn't like me spilling too much personal detail here on my blog.   She is one of eleven children, born to parents who farmed their entire lives.   I am sure her memories of growing up on the farm are not the same as mine.    Her relationship with her parents was different than mine with them as Grandparents.

mom holds me for my first riding lesson!
The stories of her as a little girl, a teenager, a young woman.... and eventually a wife and mother: those are her stories to tell, should she wish.   They are not mine to share.

But the desire to help.... to show big love... that got passed on.  In heaps.  
And I surely would like to continue that legacy.  

Hopefully mom won't mind this one shot appearing on the blog:  I love this one from our annual trip to the local fair.    Beaver Tails in the one grassy spot of shade is becoming a favourite tradition.

I was blessed to have an amazing, strong and loving mom growing up.     
I hope my children one day now how lucky they are to this woman as their grandma!

Go Down Memory Lane!
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