Another Monday Stroll down Memory Lane.
It's perfect for today, as I sit sipping more tea and trying to calm fits of coughing.

You know, if you have a cold?   Going out for 3 hours in the Canadian cold night on Halloween in just a black catsuit and knee high boots is probably not the best health care plan.
Just a warning.

A friend suggested the hot tea, pj's, warm blankets cuddled by warm fire... and the entire first and only season of Firefly on Netflix.     Solid Plan.

Much better than the laundry and bathroom cleaning normally on Monday To Do List.
You see; that's why we all need a good BFF.
Join Us!
My first BFF was also named Leslie, and although we shared a name, we looked completely different.    Her blonde and green eyed to my auburn and blue, but after that:  we were two peas in a pod.    From the moment we first met at the baby sitter's, we were pretty much inseparable.

Her parents were one of my mom's very best friends too, so our families spent a lot of time together.  I honestly cannot remember a day of the week going by, when we did not see each other.   She had two younger siblings - a brother and a sister - and this was awesome to me as a single child.  Her house was always noisy and active and... Fun!

Dance lessons, gymnastics, figure skating, Brownies,  sleepovers at her grandparents house and sneaking into the heated pool in the middle of the night to skinny dip, and our number one favourite past time:

Oh yes!   We were big time Barbie Girls!   We cold play for hours and I do believe we had just about ALL THE BARBIE things to play with.  If I didn't have a particular item - you could bet she did.   Our rooms were over stuffed in Pink.   Which wasn't really a problem at my house; since there was only me, but at her house -- well let's just say we threatened her little brother and sister with murder on more than occasion for getting into OUR Barbie stuff.

Since we were so young during our friendship, there is nothing but fun times to recall.   For the most part, aside from any issues with my father, hard times and hard lessons had yet to mark our tender years.    Some of my best memories are times spent with her and her family.

  • Their place was the Friday night Adult unwind spot - which meant hours of basically unsupervised fun for all us gathered kids.    TGIF had a completely different meaning for us.  
  • Her father made an ice rink in the backyard every winter and we would stay out till dark and cold drove us inside for hot cocoa.   
  • We used to rent a cottage in the Gatineau region for a couple of weeks every summer.   Long days of swimming, fishing, frog catching and boating on the water, and finishing up each night with a beach bonfire.   I mean  - how can you not look back with delight?

  • We were so close, that when my mom received a job offer and had to go away on training for 16 weeks, I actually moved in with her family for the entire school year!!   It was like the never ending sleepover party!!   However that meant.... all MY Barbie stuff came with me (since my mom no longer rented an apartment in the city now).    Her parents solution?
  • They renovated their attic and it became Barbie World!!   No. Kidding. What better play space could two BFF's ask for?
And then my mom returned one weekend to say she got the job, we had a new house.... and I would also have a new step-father.   And just like that, I moved away, and it was over.

Sometimes, BFF doesn't actually mean forever.    Oh, we wrote letters to one another and I went to visit a few times; but at 10 years old you don't really grasp the concept of how valuable a friendship truly is to the heart.     Eventually, the letters became fewer and the visits too hard to manage with all our new friends and activities.    I never saw or heard from her again.

In looking back, I know how incredibly blessed to have someone so like me... but just different enough to make our friendship interesting and challenging.   That she was always a cheerful and warm presence; when some of my life was in such upheaval, was no doubt what helps me recall a childhood of happy memories.   When it so easily could focus on the bad ones.

She was far too young to know how she was there for me in a way no one else could ever be.  Just having her to journey through that time in my life was enough.   She saw a shy, quiet and perhaps sad girl and in choosing me:  helped bring out the light.    And that seems like the very best purpose of a best friend:  to be the mirror of the best part of you.

Maybe we didn't stay best friends forever; but without a doubt - she is in my heart forever.

She may have been temporary - but it was temporary happiness, and sometimes: that's the best we can all hope for in a friend.


I don't necessarily want to get in the habit of combining memes, but this weeks 60s/70s music theme for Monday's Music Moves Me made me think of two songs we used to sing along and dance on the beach, during those summer cottage vacations.

From 1972 Johnny Nash:

And this one I realize now is so inappropriate for kids, but her mother's name was Sheila -- so us sun soaked water logged kids used to scream out "pour me another tequila, Sheila" and laugh like it was the funniest thing ever.

Have a great week everyone!

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