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Since Left Brain and I are off on a date night adventure (assuming he has not coughed up a lung thanks to actually having bacterial pneumonia!), at his office Christmas Party; I thought I would queue this post up for you in my absence.
Wouldn't you know that we save up for a hotel as well..... and he's sick.  
He can't even drink.

So since I will be drinking his share, um... I probably won't be blogging until the rooms stops spinning and I can spit again next week some time.

Four names that people call me, other than my real name.

1.  Mom
2.  Hon
3.  Jelly Bean
4.  Bug

Four jobs I have had (not counting current)

1.  Waitress/Bartender
2.  Shit Shoveller
3.  Security Assistant Max/Med Federal Prison
4.  Secretary

Four movies I've watched more than once.

1.  It's  A Wonderful Life

my youngest, ZooZoo - so named for this scene of ZuZu's petals.
2.  Sunshine
3.  Avengers
4.  Gladiator

Four books I'd recommend

1.  Pride and Prejudice
2.  A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle  (which may seem contrary to someone who has professed to being a Christian, however, I like to study other aspects of Spirituality (as opposed to "having Religion" well, and I find this helps me remember to deny my own ego and not be judgemental of others.)  The world is full of hurting people, seeking some connection and release from that pain: I like to have as many tools as possible to help me understand; and perhaps even help.

3.  The Bible -- um yeah, because how can have any discussion about God, is you have not read His book?  I didn't say you HAD to believe it -- just give it a try.

I, being Canadian, would of course be nicer

4.  Paradise Lost - John Milton   Technically a poem, but due to it's epic tone and length - basically a book.  Expand your horizons and give poetry a try too.

4 places I have lived

1.  Brockville
2.  Amerherstview
3.  Kingston
4.  Ottawa

4 places I have been

1. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
3. Caya Coco, Cuba

4. New York City, New York, USA

4 places I'd rather be right now

1.  Would love to go back to Cuba
2.  camping in Alaska - bucket list destination
3.  Australia - Dream Vacation
4.  given it's snowing outside my window right now: any beach will do really

4 things I don't eat

1.  liver
2.  curry  (some mild stuff is okay, but generally, no)
3.  beaver tails - meaning ACTUAL beaver tails.  (but the pastry version: YES!)
4.  actually not a big fan of cakes and pies (unless home made by my family.  I usually pass)

4 of my favorite foods

1.  Pasta
2.  Thai or Cajun food - I do like Spicy!
3.  fresh raw veggies - especially green beans and snap peas
4.  ice cream  (um yeah - take it away from me please)

4 TV shows that I watch

1.  The Walking Dead
2.  Once Upon a Time
3.  Games of Thrones
4.   Netflix  (counts right?)

4 things I am looking forward to this year
(I am going to assume in 2015)

1.  the "no surprise answer" --  Avengers: Age of Ultron movie

I just gotta know:  Is Steve Rogers/Captain America WORTHY?!!!

 2.  a newer, leaner, stronger me!
3.  finishing my poetry/photography book and maybe even self publish!
4.  making more memories with the ones I love

4 things I'm always saying

1.  Why would you do that?

As in:  why would you put the cat in the tub with Barbie?  

2.  Come here.  Here.  Here!  HERE!!!!  *point to in front of me*
3.  How many times do I have to tell/ask you?
4.  I love you.

I am not tagging anyone specifically, but feel free to copy the questions and add it to your queue for anytime you are off having adventures.  

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