Do you ever feel stuck in a rut?
Like the gears in your head are spinning at a very fast rate of speed; but your feet just don't catch up?

Or, actually move.

That's rather how I've been feeling lately.    I have all these amazing and wonderful creative ideas, but no actual motivation to make them come true.    So now all this creative energy is just stored up in my brain... and you know....  It's getting very noisy in there.

I can keep saying that I am waiting for that SPARK of a great idea.  For inspiration to come and knock me on the head.   The truth is:  I am procrastinating.
And the other truth, the bigger truth is: you just gotta do it.   Put pen to paper.   Fingers to keyboard.
No excuses.

So, um -  no.  I am not participating in November's popular NaNoWriMo.

Did that make sense?  No?
Welcome to my brain.   I told there was lots of noise interference.

However, I am going to make a real effort to be more focused.   I have been writing poems quite a bit - however - they are of the more adult variety to put it delicately.  Not 50 Shades of Rory or anything wild like that -  what kind of girl do you think I am?

They are of a sexy nature though, and thus I deemed them more appropriate for my Tumblr blog, than this here "mommy" venue.    I will however endeavour to bring more real writing HERE as well.

The time is now.  No more waiting for something else that may, or may not be waiting round the bend.    I made myself a little motivational photo as a reminder:

So that's it guys:  I'm just gonna let go and bloom all over the place.   Cool?

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVER'S REVIEWS– she came up with all the statements.

The statements:

1.  What could possibly happen if I make my Left Brain husband go to the shopping mall with me?

 Yep, pretty much actual picture of my husband waiting outside a store.
Although, I did notice he perked up considerably when I was trying on knee high boats, and when I entered the Victoria Secret store.   
*I see your eyeroll RDJ and raise you a heavy female sigh*

2.  Do  you think a book can be to the mind, what exercise is to the body?

Experts say that the mental stimulation has health benefits, and that losing yourself in a good story aids in stress reduction.
And if you visit your local library: it's free entertainment.

3.  Does a  child ever really learn what "inside voice" truly means?

 Actual picture of me trying to write this post as my children came home from school.
On a Friday night.

4. Feeling Lego's under my feet is still painful 10 years later.  They are the danger: there is no immunity.

My life in gif form:


I never did get a pair of knee high boats, or anything sexy from the Secret place.  (although I did discover a store called Sephora that has makeup, skincare and perfume; and may, or may not be sitting here typing with a very mean smoky eye - AND inhaling the sexy scent of Gucci Guilty on myself.)

On the bright side, the kids are stuffing their faces with pizza and watching a movie, so I may actually hear a thought:  should one occur.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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