What makes you feel brand new? 

New shoes? Check.
Well technically, boots.  Of the knee high kind.

New makeup?

New fragrance?

New Hair?

I haven't done my nails yet, but soon.

This can only mean one thing:   a date is on the horizon.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is OBI from ELOQUENT RAMBLES, she came up with the last two statements.

The statements:

1.   I just can't walk by the giant make up store Sephora without going in.  And losing time.

Oh my gosh... look at all the pretty colours.  LOOK AT IT!!

 2.   Gucci Guilty is my new favourite scent.    Marc Jacobs Daisy is nice too.

The ads are by Frank Miller - graphic novel artist and are really cool.

Yes, Chris Evans... don't judge.
For the past 10 years I have not worn any fragrance -- I wasn't allowed to wear it too work in my former Government office building; so I got rid of all my old stuff.   I realize that some people are sensitive to fragrances... but.... too bad.   I like them and you can't reach that far and dictate my life.

I promise to not abuse my perfume power.

3.  If I could, I would go on vacation some where.   It doesn't even have to be some where hot, or grand or een far away:   just a rest so that we can recharge our batteries.  I feel very spent.

Or maybe it's just that I HAVE spent.   *eye roll*

4.  Getting my hair done makes me feel like a brand new woman.   Also, kinda sexy thanks to some festive red highlights.   Which is great since I have Left Brain's office Christmas party next week.

rare Selfie.

Grrrrr, baby -- it's getting cold outside.
Come get warm with me. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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