I am so lucky as to have family members that own farms in the country.

 It's like a rural Disneyland for my kids.   Except, the animals are real.

They don't sing with you though.   Or help you do your chores.
Sew a dress.
You actually do all the work for them.

Disney, you sit on a throne of lies!!
Ha - just kidding.  I love Disney.
I just sing to the animals on the trail ride.    It all works out.

Anyway, enjoy Autumn on the farm.
The woods where we ride.
Is there anything more beautiful than fall foliage and Arabian horses?
I think not.


 of course, we got more than horse in the country.
These two barn cats followed us into the woods -- for the ENTIRE trail ride.
Like, over an hour of following us.

ok, so one of them had a little help along the way

 The place of many childhood fun times.... and sugar goodness!
This particular farm also makes maple syrup.
The real Canadian thing folks.

Sugar Shack

 A lovely day had by all!
Family, food and lots of outdoor fun on the farm!
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Curious as a Cathy


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