I had pretty pictures prepared for you today.
And then all hell broke loose.

Source:  National Post

 And then I thought it very likely Left Brain was in the midst of it all.

source:  National Post
That particular officer running towards our Parliamentary building is NOT Left Brain.
Nor are any of these officers, thankfully. 

This is what unfolded inside our Parliament buildings this morning.

You hear that big boom at the beginning?
That is the bad guys' shot gun  -- he has deadly intent.

All those other "pop" noises are the cops weapons .. and this is very important....  As They Run Towards The Bad Guy Firing the Shot Gun!!!

I cannot stress that enough.
This is not a drill.
It is not a movie scene from my favourite Marvel movie.
There is nothing to hide behind.

This is what MY HUSBAND does.    He charges into danger.
And yes, he is working today.     I know he is okay because he has been able to send me a text message.

Our whole city is on lock-down, as one shooter has escaped and is still at large.

This man... this disgusting person who thinks his personal cause/agenda is greater and more important than Human Life?!    He shot an unarmed soldier that stood on HONOUR GUARD at our War Memorial on Parliament Hill.

A soldier has been shot at the Cenotaph in Ottawa on October 22, 2014.

The irony.
A man with no honour, killed an UNARMED man who stood his post of Duty and Honour in recognition of fallen comrades.

Sgt at Arms Kevin Vickers.
You sir, are a national hero!
The real thing.   And we THANK YOU for standing on Guard for us.

Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers leads Senate page Brigette DePape
A Veteran and former RCMP and current Sgt At Arms Parliament Buildings, Kevin Vickers

I had beautiful pictures.
But THIS is my world in pictures today.

And I just cannot be Wordless.
Not about these selfless, brave heroes.

You Mr Gunman - you have met your end, and that is enough said about your ass.

 See this is why I think Captain America is completely relevant AND so important.

The price of Freedom is high

I am so grateful we have those who are willing to pay it.

And you should know I don't say that lightly; because I give you one of my very own every day.

Note:  Left Brain is home safe and sound by the time of this posting. 

Curious as a Cathy

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