Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

You will have to pardon me if this particular chat is on the short and sweet side. (unlike last weeks' salty and sweet.)

As yesterday was Thanksgiving for us Canadians, I am in turkey coma.
Also, two words:  Nature Walk.


In fact it is after midnight as I write this....  because I fell asleep after I put the kids to bed.

Turkey is powerful drug y'all.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 14/14

You know I LOVE words.  So much I wrangle them daily,
 or else I go crazy.  
What's the most beautiful word in the world?

Well, since I am fresh off turkey high the special holiday of giving thanks, I believe today, I would have to go with:

 Listen, I know it's a shit shit world sometimes; full of shitty people doing shitty things to one another.    I apologize for my lack of poetic prowess on that particular statement; but there seems no better way to say it.
I too often hear, or read about something and wonder:  Will God really forgive us for what we have done to one another?   (yes, that's another important word:  Grace)


Bad things happen.  Sometimes your luck runs out.   Faith dries up.
But you wanna know how to find your blessings?

It's easy:  you just remember them in your heart.
That way, they are with you wherever you go.   Always.

That's how you live with a grateful heart.  
Keep your heart, mind and soul constantly fixed on the very best in life (yes, it will most likely be the free stuff.), and I think the best will come to you.

I am certain that living with in a manner of gratitude absolutely opens the door of possibilities.
So don't hold it in!!
Don't wait for one day per year:   Let it Out!

Get in the habit of saying Out Loud all the things you are grateful for.

As for me?    I am grateful for ALL of it.   ALL.    Everything I have is a blessing.  I  most likely have done very little to deserve ANY of it.    I am often overwhelmed with Gratitude:  who's the lucky girl with a great husband who works hard so I can be home with my babies?   Those 3 beautiful, fun, drive me crazy and kind, loving babies!   And a family who is not only full of love and fun; but who all know how to cook.    Friends to lean on and who encourage me... and some who will drink wine in the good times; and the bad.    All of YOU to laugh with me and uplift me Every. Single. Day.
I am so imperfect; but eternally forgiven......

Oh yes - who is the lucky girl.
That's my second favourite beautiful word, and I do believe it goes hand in hand with the first.

What's your most beautiful word?

NEXT WEEK:  What does your name mean?  If you use an alias, tell why you choose that particular moniker.

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